Halo Reach Legendary Edition £74.99 delivered @ Gamestation +4% quidco for circa £72

Halo Reach Legendary Edition £74.99 delivered @ Gamestation +4% quidco for circa £72

Found 5th Nov 2010
(EDIT//) cheaper at Game with £5 discount voucher of [email protected] and using quidco. No one has posted this yet but I can't edit my direct link and don't want to be seen as spamming. (EDIT//)

As stated price is £74.99. Don't have any vouchers at the moment but quidco works with this company so you can save another £2.99 on it for £72 overall. I will look them up to see if I can find any vouchers but can't see any at the moment. Currently in stock and cheapest this set has been to my knowledge.

I got this for £79 at launch via tesco with a voucher but this is the cheapest I've ever seen it. Also I sold the codes for £35 on ebay so got the figure, collectors edition stuff (which comes with this too) and box for just £44. You could do similar if you wish to get it even cheaper.


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No way to edit deal into another one (can't seem to edit link)? Found it cheaper at GAME with £5 discount voucher ([email protected]) so 72.99 outright and then with quidco even less.
Sorry so should I expire it or should I edit it?

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It's a similar price at Gameplay now too so I think this is now the standard price for this edition, so it's a bit of an okay deal but I wouldn't say "hot" I'm afraid.

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I agree, sorry if its not the best deal but just in the interest of giving people the cheapest option I figured I'd post it, hardly worth being voted cold if its still the best around. Luke warm at around 10 degrees I'd accept though. This comment being slightly aimed at the new one from GAME aswell.
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