Halo Top Ice Cream Reduced to £3.50 instore @ Tesco Express

Halo Top Ice Cream Reduced to £3.50 instore @ Tesco Express

LocalFound 13th Mar 2018
For those in the know

Halo Top Ice Cream reduced from the usual across the board £5 to £3.50. Was so happy to find it stocked in my local Tesco Express for those sweet tooth and indulgent but not so unhealthy cravings!
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Never heard of this, or tried it.

But feel like I should!

Good find! One of my favourites! I didn't actually know it had come to the UK
Why so expensive? Cant be that good, right?
The salted caramel one is really nice, I’ve got the cinnamon roll one too but after a couple of teaspoons it’s not so nice. I got them when they were half price but I wouldn’t spend more than £2.50 on it. Nice taste but still a little empty feeling eating it
Granite12313th Mar

Why so expensive? Cant be that good, right?

Very low calorie.
I read a review on this ice cream. It’s very low calories & because they do such yummy flavours you don’t need that much. It’s out in the USA & they do about about 20 different flavours but of course we only get about six over here!
Should be in all Tesco stores nationwide.
Also at all main stores. Just been to ipswich and they have some. Great product
They’re expensive as they are low in calories and has a decent amount of protein in each tub. People who are trying to lose weight / build muscle can use this to crave those cravings.
Bought a couple of tubs and it's garbage, like all low calorie stuff unfortunately.

Sure, it's not actively disgusting and it's tolerable if you're dead set on treating yourself terribly, but if you're going to have ice cream then please don't let it be this stuff.

Better to get the good stuff and just exercise a little portion control than to have a tub full of vaguelly chocolatey frozen wallpaper paste.
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Just had a spoonful of the peanut butter one and it's amazing! Saying that, I've had a week of low calorie eating so I might be a bit delusional...
Excellent tasting ice cream and low on cals !.......
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