Halo Wars - Xbox 360 £17.59 @ Argos

Halo Wars - Xbox 360 £17.59 @ Argos

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Halo Wars - Xbox 360 £17.59 @ Argos


rubbish game

good price, saves having to go on ebay

i know its not the same but you can get the preowned tin version for £13 i think at game


rubbish game

so rubbish Iv played 100 hours on it :oops:

Played it, I didn`t like it.
Reasonable price.

A warning, most Halo fans will NOT like this game, and most RTS fans will also not like this game.

Halo fans won't like it because it isn't Halo, and RTS fans won't like it because it is too easy. I'm in the second group, but some people do like it so watch some videos of gameplay before buying.

I thought it was a ok game, definitly not the best RTS one out there, but then those are easily won by PC games as they're much better suited. This is alittle easy, but the controller setup works well enough. The campaign does get alittle bit "more of the same" eventually and there isnt any "improvements" you can make further into the game thats any different to what you can do at the start (which i thought wasnt the best idea, gradually unlocking new weapons etc might have give it more of a feel of "new" feel as you went through it).

I never did play online though, i wouldnt mind trying it again and playing through it for a second time (completed it when it originally came out), but i dont think i'd buy it until it was closer to the £10 mark.

i herd it failed but it looks more interesting then halo ODST.....but that failed too (talking as a gamer)

in business sense it was a massive sucess.

Online is much better than campaign


so rubbish Iv played 100 hours on it :oops:

Geek :thumbsup:
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