Halo Wars (xbox 360) £7.99 delivered @ play.com

Halo Wars (xbox 360) £7.99 delivered @ play.com

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New take on a legendary world: Experience the early battles between the UNSC and Covenant, in a time predating the original Halo. Join the crew aboard the Spirit of Fire, a Phoenix-class colony ship converted for UNSC military use, and guided by the A.I. persona Serina. Discover an ancient artifact during a journey to the planet Harvest, the first planet to be attacked by the Covenant. And then get ready for the wars.

Strategic command of armies in large-scale combat: Gamers are in command of the battlefield, playing as either of two unique civilisations: UNSC or Covenant. Counter and crush your opponent by tactically fielding the superior army. Choose among leaders possessing elite skills that can turn the tide of battle. Use various combinations of leaders and units, and create countless strategies tailored to your preferred playing styles.

Groundbreaking Xbox 360 strategy game: Since inception, Halo Wars was explicitly designed to bring a typical PC genre to console gamers. Commanding armies is easy, controlling troops and units effortless and epic battles are smoothly handled using an intuitive user interface.


Seems a good price, anyone played and recommend this? Very tempted

The Lone Wolf

Seems a good price, anyone played and recommend this? Very tempted

The demo was pretty good, im tempted but will likely never get looked at !

It's a great RTS which is simple on the surface, but can lead to a lot of complex strategies online (which still sees about 6000 players at peak times). Personally, I'd pick up the Classics version on shopto.net which has the Halo Wars DLC which is worth 1600 points included.
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This game is ace & you'll no doubt lose many an hour playing it online.

Probably the most well designed console RTS ever.

Definitely worth some of your dosh, if you like RTS's, and the Bungie 'Verse.

Played over 30 days online with this game. Its truly amazing, campaign is **** though.

nice price

Ok, I'm in and have ordered. Thanks for the advice and to the OP

great game well worth the money.
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