Posted 5 January 2023

Ambiano Halogen 2-in-1 Air Fryer - £29.99 instore @ Aldi, Birmingham

In store: Birmingham · Aldi Deals
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Ambiano halogen 2 in 1 Airfryer
Seems cheap for an Airfryer

Aldi More details at Aldi

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    They are great. I've had one a couple of years after moving into a small apartment, didn't know I'd bought an air fryer though.

    It does every thing I want, the stuff you would normally put in an oven.

    A couple of tips are to lift the lid partways through cooking if you want crispy food (releases moisture) and line the bottom with reflective foil.

    I don't eat animals though. There is no spitting of bodily fats at the halogen itself which I understand can cause it to fail. If you do cook meats, use the ring extender.
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    It's not an air fryer though, is it?

    I have something almost exactly like this and it's great.
    Works in exactly the same way except a glass bowl that turns your kitchen into a lighthouse every few seconds rather than encased in plastic.

    It's an airfryer, or more appropriately removing the marketing nonsense, a small fan assisted convection oven.
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    I bought a salter duel sir fryer at Christmas. The dual air fryers do struggle with cooking things such as whole chickens, simply because of their size. It may sound crazy but having spent £99.99 on the salter I've just spent £29.99 on this product but the two together make sense. The halogen can be used for entire roast dinners. This because you can roast potatoes cook the chicken and steamed veg at the same time potentially. Dual air fryers struggle with the chicken! Spending a total of £130 and coupled with the sacrifice of a little bit more worktop space I think this is a good mix. It also gives you the potential for cooking much larger meals (for more people not just me). I'm yet to determine if I can cook anything larger than a 10-inch pizza in it through. If I can, the oven is on its way to oven heaven!
    Worktop space or lack of affects us all lol
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    I bought and used the same oven in the 1990's when I didn't have a proper kitchen where I lived. I did a whole turkey in it for Christmas (had to cut off the wings). You can use it for most frozen food, lasagna, pizza, chicken bits, burgers, and I even boiled my soft-boiled eggs. I believe it's better than a small compartment modern air-fryer.
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    Looks exactly the same as my Daewoo one that I bought for £35 5 years ago. used every day and failed 5 months before the guarantee ran out. The replacement lasted a couple of years before the heating bulb blew, but a £8 replacement from Amazon sorted it in 20mins.
    At £30!, id buy one just as a spare, they're great
    I'm part of the Daewoo gang! Brought 4 years ago at Robert Dyas £22 and has been my oven.

    Seen the name Tower on these too and now Ambiano. So I guess the rights to it gets shifted.
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    Cheers OP just bought one I've had one of these for years and thought I would get a fresh one
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    Name seems to have changed from Haslogen Oven to Air Fryer on most of these. Same principle I guess with different heating elements. Perhaps rebranded they will have a new lease of life.
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    I had Breville halo fryer for years and loved it(now replaced with Tower air fryer). Funny thing I bought it believing it's air fryer cause it looked very similar to Tefal air fryer.
    49237290-mHbqM.jpg (edited)
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    I have a halogen (which I think this is!) one and it's branded DAEWOO and exactly the same and it's brilliant!49237557-88vVs.jpg
    Think this is the one I just bought off Very with the extender ring just been delivered. £31
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    I bought this at this price during first lockdown
    still going strong which is great for these things.
    no it is not an air-fryer but then my first one of them lasted 5 weeks !
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    I had a couple of halogen ovens before I got an air fryer. For me the air fryer is easier to keep clean.
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    Does anyone know the measurements inside the oven? What's the maximum size of pizza can it bake? If I use the racks to bake two pizzas, will the top one always be crisper than the lower? Thanks.
    My Daewoo version is:-
    The bottom rack is 24cm with maybe a centimetre either side to the bowl. Internal 30cm at the top but tapers down to about 28cm at the bottom. I suspect the top pizza would be done first then give the bottom pizza more time to brown off?
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    Is it glass underneath?
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    which Aldi in birmingham?
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    I bought one in Aldi Rugeley on Thursday. For some reason it went through the till at £14.99 so I got a great bargain.

    Tried it for the first time this evening cooking frozen fish & chips, was efficient and quick. Going to try a frozen pizza next.

    It's a halogen convection oven, which is an oven that circulates hot air, which is essentially what an air fryer does. (edited)
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    Just bought the last one in Alnwick, seems decent for the money tbf
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