Halogen GU10 40w bulb x 6 @ Homebase - £1

Halogen GU10 40w bulb x 6 @ Homebase - £1

Found 20th Dec 2017
In store only
Had 2 pallets in my local

Bring in the haters for not being LED!
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Should have mentioned they were 50w versions in my local that still went through at £1
what are the dimensions of the bulbs please.
2 pallets of bulbs?
You'll go through all of those in the lifetime of one LED.
Just a thought I’d i buy 6 led bulbs at a £1 each and the money I same on electricity would pay many times over for the extra cost.
Cold. Not because I am a hater, but a logician. I put in about 50 leds throughout 3 rooms I extended and also outdoors and only a couple have gone. And they were both outdoors, and I got my money back. The better quality philips one I had indoors not one has gone.
This was over 3 years ago.
Plus I have saved so much in electric bills. Despite extension, and an extra room that is cinema room, our lecky bill actually went down.

Therefore, this is a cold deal as deals are meant to save you money but this will not.
Do people still use these electricity guzzlers .
I have 58 spot lights in my home .
Since swapping over to LED 3 years ago , we notice a good £16 saving every month .
Before our living room had 16 in ( it’s a big area! ) . So 800w being used in one room , now we have 4W ( 40w equivalent brightness ) LEDs so 64w now . You don’t realise the saving if your running lights a good 6 hours a day .
PennyTrader20th Dec 2017


Hot because they're ridiculously inefficient?

Cold vote from me. You will end up spending much more on your energy bill over their lifetime with these compared to LEDs.

10 bulbs, 8hrs a day, 12.5p per kWh

10 x 50w Halogen - £15 p/m
10 x 5w LED - £1.50 p/m

Just buy a pack of LEDs, you've made your money back in just over a month.
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Okay now I'm a hater. Hot UK deals stupidity reigns supreme.
Cold. Just wait till Aldi do the LED ones again or when Screwfix have a sale. The extra cost in electricity with these will cost you more.
Cold like my ex's heart!
The amount of Led in house might have had to use 2.5mm cable and put on the 20Amp fuse circuit if used Halogen lights!
cheap for a reason, as most people want led ones.
I also changed to led bulbs last year, I nearly had a heart attack when I saw my electric meter whizzing around.
Got mine on clearance at Screwfix, although been in home bargains this evening and they had led bulbs at £1.40 odd
I have bought some from IKea on sale at £5 for 2 and I have bought a lot from pound shop 5W versions which is equivalent to around 50W and to my surprise the pound shop ones are much more efficient than ikea ones. One way to tell efficiency is to see if the get warm the ikea ones get so hot than can burn your finger and Pound shop ones don’t even get warm.
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