Halogen heater - £10 instore @ Poundland (Glasgow)

Halogen heater - £10 instore @ Poundland (Glasgow)

LocalFound 16th Jan
Halogen heater in Poundland Glasgow (Argyle Street branch) not sure if this is a national deal or just this store.
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Might be cheap BUT Be careful as these elements/bulbs are renowned for not lasting very long!! After all mine went pop in quick succession I purchased a carbon element fire, which is more robust.
Cheap to buy,but expensive to run.
These are a decent price but always use caution on the way they devour electricity.
Not sure on the cost of running but the lamps lasted only a few months when I had. Go a refund. Paid around £30 a few years back.
1.2KW so whatever you pay per KWH just times by the hours used, although I wouldn't recommend for long term usage.
Hope they aren't Daewoo ones.Elements don't last long at all on those!
You can buy replacement bars cheap though.About £1-£2 each
Heat, but I'm waiting for the LED ones...
robatt3 h, 42 m ago

Heat, but I'm waiting for the LED ones...

I use warm white in the winter and cool white in the summer.
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