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Halogen Heater 1200W (RRP £34.99) NOW £10.00 @ B&M
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Halogen Heater 1200W (RRP £34.99) NOW £10.00 @ B&M

Posted 13th Feb 2016

Halogen Heater - 1200W.

This handy electric heater allows you to warm your home with one of the world's most trusted electrical brands.


3 heat settings - 400W/800W/1200W
Overheat protection
High efficiency energy saving
Tip over switch
High temperature resistant housing
Cool touch cabinet
Dimensions: 31 x 10 x 51.5cm (Approx.)

Goodmans Halogen Heater 1200W
NOW £10.00
WAS £12.99
- jonnithomas
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Ffs where?
£7 in bedford

£7 in bedford

I think you'll find they are the quartz heaters, not the halogen ones. Still pretty good, but not the same thing.
A decent price at £10, but the RRP is somewhat adventurous as usual.
Certainly better value than a fan heater.
these look the same as the ones sold by aldi quite often. I bought one when they were reduced there for £7.99.
Had one that looked very similar to this. It was nice when it worked, but it stopped working after a couple of weeks of fairly light use. Returned it (to Aldi IIRC) for a refund.
I would avoid these halogen heaters
They don't last very long before the elements fail, and they only warm you up if you are in a direct line of sight. They don't seem to actually warm up the room like other heaters.

Buy a fan heater or a convector heater for better results at a cheap price. Or if you can afford a bit more an oil filled radiator is better still
Our central heatings packed in and we've got 2 different halogen style heaters. Both a complete waste of time. They work better as a floodlight than actually giving out heat. We also have oil filled radiators and a fan heater which are far more effective.
" one of the world's most trusted electrical brands." Really ???
Agreed these make great lights but not great heaters...
cant be energy saving . 1200w is 1200w no matter what source of heating you use . still will cost the same in electricity.
3 times returned - not working - ended up with refund - dodgy lot?
It might have a tip over switch, but these sort of heaters look like a fire hazard to me.
Good if your thinking of opening a kebab shop
I bought one of these from argos time ago, used it all the time, too bright, but its really good.

It broke after 9 months, and had it replaced free of charge, (maybe the lightbulb died from heavy use)
It broke again after another year and had it replaced with a newer model.
Of course it broke again within another year, and they offered refund (limit to number of replacement i suppose).

It was a good run. So beware, if your not too concerned about electricity bill, and intend to use it freely, they may not last long. and Keep the order number/receipt, as it will most likely break (still don't know why they broke)
These heaters are great for instant heat when u first get in, where as a fan heater takes time to warm the room up, stand in front of this the instant u turn it on and you're warm which is what I bought a couple for. Heat doesnt seem to last as long in the room as it would with a fan heater though.

Excellent for bedrooms when you come out the shower and get changed in room after as keep your body warm while ya all nakey!
Hot! Literally...
£34.99 rrp? a tenner is about right
These are never £30, ever.
Don't buy. Bad for your eyes.

Don't buy. Bad for your eyes.

elaborate please you have my attention.
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