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Halogen Heater Portable Electric 3 Bar 1200W - £23.35 with code @ mks2publick_ltd / ebay

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Rapidly heat any room with this compact AMOS Halogen Heater.
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    I have the wall versions in my bathrooms and they work really well for ten to 20 minutes at a time, no radiators in there. Costs 7p on one bar for 20 minutes with 660W bar. They were as low as £20 from Amazon a few years ago but are quite awkward to fit and need to be wired into a fused spur switch (although if you have a socket outside the bathroom could be okayish). I have seen people use the swivel type on a chair in a bathroom but a quick way to electrocute yourself, I'd say. There are much more robust metal types available as well that you can fit to a wall or where the coal fire used to be.
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    Also pointing out these are very bright heaters.
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    Mine went within two or three weeks and you do not need lights on at the same time very bright (edited)
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    I recently picked up pretty much the same model (with 2 free replacement bulbs) from Amazon for £24:99 a couple of weeks back (no stock currently).

    It was ideal for just throwing up a bit of heat in the room I was using without having to put the full heating system on. Definitely worth it imho even if just for ar hoc use like I will have it for.

    Have some heat 😬
    Thing is as soon as you turn them off the room goes cold unless you have really good insulation.

    They are good though if you're keeping them on constantly and your room isn't very large...then you may as well whack the heating on
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    Wow... Prices on these have really risen lately... For obvious reasons I thinks :/

    (I won't say howless I got mine for some years back as its past and not relevant to today's prices.. But it was much lower than what they GENERALLY go for now).

    Cost aside... They do serve a purpose for those needing a extra quick source of heat when in a small room and up close to heater when its on. Once off, the heat vanishes

    Still, at that price delivered...it'll be hard (but probably not impossible IF stock can be actually found) to match this deal if buying online. For that reason... Have some heat 🔥

    49114592_1.jpg (edited)
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    Had one a number of years ago. The bulbs went quite quickly. I think two in the first 30 days so returned for refund.
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    Got one similar. Great for keeping a room warm as long as you shut the door.
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    Does this have a thermostat, or is it not covered by "Lot 20" regulations?
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    I'm sure a decent heater based on this concept is possible, but every one I've seen has been cheap crap with the thinnest possible wire inside. Went to replace a bulb on one and saw the pvc insulation on the cable completely burned through.

    Prefer a basic fan heater on a budget or an oil filled radiator is generally a lot safer.