Halogen oven £30 @ The Range

Halogen oven £30 @ The Range

Found 19th Aug 2014
Halogen oven generic one, you will find the same model under different makers. Not the deal of the century but if you need one..........
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This includes the extender ring, an essential accessory, but it does not say what else is included e.g. racks, lid holder and tongs which are normally standard accessories. Mind you, the tongs usually included are pretty useless, even dangerous! Also the hinged lid is far safer than the removal lid which is difficult to control when trying to place it in the lid holder/rack!

Same sort of thing, with all the above accessories, was available for £25 at Aldi not long ago, so price wise not the best deal on a halogen oven but if you need one now, not a bad deal.

The halogen oven is the most useful kitchen gadget to date.
Had one with the hinged lid, ours started to fail, ie the lid would shut on you while doing whatever in the bowl, the bulb blew on it and we decided to bin it and buy the one from the Range. Think we bought our hinged one from Ideal world.
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