halogen oven was £99.99 now £49.99 @ Ideal World TV

halogen oven was £99.99 now £49.99 @ Ideal World TV

Found 23rd May 2014
This is a really convenient mechanism!

With the Cookshop 11 Litre Halogen Oven you can cook your favourite meals without the need for excess oil or fat.

Serve delicious, mouth-watering dishes every time with this kitchen hero in half the time.

The halogen heating element heats up quickly allowing hot moving air to roast evenly, ensuring you get perfectly cooked food.

As well as roasting, this multi-functional halogen oven can also grill, boil, bake, steam and fry.

It's so simple to use; just set the time and temperature!

With the cookbook included you'll never run out of cooking ideas or inspiration either.


Halogen Oven
Frying Pan
Dual Rack
Set of Tongs
Steam Tray
Extension Ring (5L)
With cookbook
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i have a brand new one as a present anyone want it for £30 just too big for me Falkirk area
yes £30 just about everywhere
Wow thats expensive 27.00 in costco
This has the hinged lid so makes it slightly more expensive , however Ideal world have had this at £39.99 before so best to wait till its at that price again.
Brilliant, another fat and dust gatherer to fill a gap in kitchen. This hulking great thing at high temperature looks fun to handle.
I've posted this a while back when it was £39.99 and still was voted cold. You can't win with Ideal World and Groupon on hukd, even if it is a good deal. You can pay this over 2 installments as well. The cheaper ovens don't have the hinged lid like this one. I'll give you some heat.

yes £30 just about everywhere

Could you please supply a link for one of the numerous ovens with the hinged lid, that would be a great deal at £30.
Looks like a good price for a hinged lid model. Halogen ovens are great, but having to find somewhere for the lid can be a real pain if you don't have enough clear worktop.
Looks a good model but it aint no " deal " at that price.
No deal. Showing as £99 on web site so don't know where op got £49.99 from.
ideal world do deals occasionally I got mine for 49.99
Glad a number of people mention the hinged lid, like this reviewer on the Ideal World website:-

"Brilliant 24 April 2014 Love the hinged lid unlike so many where u have to lift it off to put on a stand.".

Important from a safety point of view, as the non-hinged version can be awkward to manipulate, and a safety hazard when hot, the hinged lid is one reason I might be prepared to pay more than the £22.50 (discounted from £30) I paid for my non-hinged halogen oven. I am a fan of these ovens - no pun intended!


Wow thats expensive 27.00 in costco

You are aware that Costco is 'Trade ONLY' right? (kinda rules out the 'Bulk' of the Population me thinks ..... ) so ..... lol. :-)
amour3k - it seems you are not aware that Costco is NOT trade only!

Anyone can buy a MEMBERSHIP CARD.
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