Halos n Horns Free Book
Halos n Horns Free Book

Halos n Horns Free Book

Halos n Horns are offering a free copy of 'The Little Book of Holiday Fun'

The Little Book of Holiday Fun provides fresh ideas and inspiration on how to keep your kids entertained year-round, with holiday fun games. Holidays are about spending time with your family, slowing down and going at your kids' pace. We want to help you with ideas on how to play with kids, to keep you all smiling and give your little ones hours of delight.

Lisa x


I've had a go!! Thanks:roll:

Hope this will keep the kiddies occupied:-D



I received mine today!!! A few interesting ideas... Thanks again!

Thanks, hope it will help keep the grandchildren amused. Wouldn't accept my first attempt at inputting address but when I put house number on first line and street on second it went through fine.

Great thanks

just completed this thanx:-D
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