Haloween Vampire Fangs 5p @ Wikinsons

Haloween Vampire Fangs 5p @ Wikinsons

Found 25th Oct 2010Made hot 25th Oct 2010
Fangtastic in my opinion.

Nationwide offer instore, Some stores sell these for £1 or even more LMAO.

Also had other haloween bargains which i will list when i get home.


Good find, heat added, but shocking that some places are selling for £1+, when they are all made in China for about 1p a go.....

Fangs for that!

Vampire fags?

Heat for all the puns this is producing!

Have you got somebody working on the insisor?

coat please

dang just paid 9p for mine in tesco...im wearing them now


Have you got somebody working on the insisor?:( coat please

That's terrible... you've clearly bitten off more than you can chew

Original Poster

Nowt better than a good deal for you to get your teeth into

Fangs ain't what they used to be.Got to be hot for the dustbin lids who want them.

big teeth

These were 3p last year.

Just bought some & was going to post it up until I saw this!! doh!.... MINE WERE REDUCED TO 2p! and think that all the Wilkinsons will be reducing them as well
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