Unfortunately, this deal has expired 28 February 2023.
Posted 11 February 2023

Hama CD Wallet for 104 Discs, CD/DVD/Blu-ray - £6.45 with voucher @ Amazon

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This deal is expired. Here are some options that might interest you:

20% off voucher applied at checkout. Also works for size 20, 120, 208 and 304 disc variants on the page.

Fantastic holder. Cover even holds up to cat clawing

Update: Some marketplace sellers are being shady and undercutting the pre-discount price a tiny bit to hide the discount on some variants. Check the 'other sellers' to find Amazon as seen in this screenshot:

Tame your Towers! For music and movie lovers, it is easy to amass a growing selection of CDs, DVDs and Blu-Rays which can accumulate into towering, unsightly stacks left in various rooms of the house. Bulky and fragile the original cases can easily be broken, leaving your precious disc collection exposed to the elements.

Save Space and Time with Hama! This carefully designed attractive CD/DVD/Blu-Ray Nylon Wallet from Hama allows you to organise and store CDs, DVDs or Blu-Rays to provide effective protection for even the largest of collections. Simply slide each individual disc into a separate pocket, zip up and go!

Its space saving, compact design allows it to quickly and easily be slotted into any cabinet or bookshelf or taken with you on the go for business or leisure. It even comes with an adjustable carrying strap for additional travel convenience.

Perfect Practicality! Designed from high-quality black nylon, the durable case features generous foam padding and high-quality internal antistatic sleeves for maximum protection against scratches and damage to the discs from grime, fingerprints and dust that may otherwise affect the quality of playback. All discs are held snuggly in the sleeves to prevent them slipping out during transportation and becoming lost.
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  1. surreykw's avatar
    Discs? What are they?
    zippy99's avatar
    The last time you own, rather than purchase the right to temporarily view entertainment content


    "Users should not assume that they actually own their digital purchases – at least that’s what Amazon is trying to argue.

    A Californian woman sued Amazon in April on behalf of users in the state over the claim that the company “secretly reserves the right” to withdraw content from Prime Video – even if it is a TV show or movie purchased by the users.

    Amazon has now filed a motion to dismiss the claim of Amada Caudel on the grounds that the purchase of a film or show is only a limited licence for “on-demand viewing over an indefinite period of time.” The ecommerce giant argues that this is stated in its terms of use"

    - Since that a man purchased to buy/own a couple of seasons of a TV show. Amazon found they didn't sell it enough so they let the license expire. Now he can't even watch what he purchased because they don't have permission to use the files anymore.
  2. iGlad's avatar
    There’s no way a ‘purist’ like myself would put their DVD into one of these as that’s what the original case is for. Those that burn CD’s and store them in something like best be aware that your CD/DVD stored in a plastic wallet will deteriorate over the years. I don’t burn CDs anymore as they never last and become unplayable.
    zippy99's avatar
    Some things like limited editions you keep in the original case, but when you have a big collection fitting a hundred discs in the space of six single movies in cases is a welcome alternative for casual viewing.

    I don't think anyone would be too concerned about protecting the 50p movies like the Bourne franchise you get at CeX.

    As for discs, they all go over the years. Think disc rot is supposed to give a target lifespan of 25 years? But it's not the fabric of the wallet that should have you concerned, it's temperature in your home. At least we don't live in the US based on the below


    Other research found failures around 20-25 years. That explains why we’re hearing about this problem round about now – the CD format was unveiled in 1982, and by the 90s we all had a variety of optical disc storage to deal with.

    There are two takeaways – one is obviously duplicating vital information on a regular basis. The other, perhaps more important solution, is better storage. The Library of Congress found that even CDs at the low end of life expectancy (like 25 years) could improve that lifespan by twenty five times if stored at 5 degrees C (41 degrees F) and 30% relative humidity. So, better put that vital collectors’ DVD in the fridge, it seems. That means instead of your year-2000 disc failing in 2025, it fails in the 27th Century. (I hear we have warp-capable starships long before then.)

  3. alrightnow's avatar
    What do you use discs for, if you don't mind me asking?
    Dopple's avatar
    Purists buy Vinyl not CDs.
  4. thenexus6's avatar
    I put all my old DVDs in these. Very good for saving space.
    alrightnow's avatar
    I put all my old dvds in the bin. Charity shops don't want them.
  5. Susan_Findlay's avatar
    Was not looking for this, but what a great pressie for the Finance, he will be pleased as punch as he is a music addict. Heat added, and thank you.
    Kankan101's avatar
    Sshh wont say anything but I think auto correct had a problem
  6. ClaudeFrollo's avatar
    Looooool last i saw these was when i was born in 1999
    robatt's avatar
    The mind boggles!
  7. THESMITH7's avatar
    Ordered thanks op 😁
  8. Kankan101's avatar

    All that' s needed
    robdunf's avatar
    I have this on CD with a movie file on how to do the full dance
  9. Mr.Krabs's avatar
    A purist leaves the items sealed that way it never deteriorates
  10. sofad1970's avatar
    Could buy these for £1 in poundshop about 10 years ago
    c_1st's avatar
    I bought the 500 disc wallet version on eBay for £7.99 in Dec' 22 - with ring binder mechanism (easier to keep collections ordered). Seller claimed only had limited stock left. But apparently that's a common sales tactic. Other sellers dropped their prices to match. Quick eBay search, sorted by low-to-high, will beat this Amazon deal for all wallet capacities by at least 60%.
  11. MrSajio's avatar
    I need one of these for my floppy disks. Any recommendations?
    HottUKDealer's avatar
    Yep, get one for your floppy discs
  12. zippy99's avatar
    Have three of this size so far and have been waiting for a price drop to pick up another five. Fantastic space saver for general discs and home use. Shame the voucher only works for one but it's a nice discount
  13. wh1zzard's avatar
  14. funkymartyn's avatar
    Looks like this deal only works on this 104 size. Via Amazon. The larger size not got the 20 % voucher, and also sold by a market seller.
    zippy99's avatar
    Thanks for the message. Looks like some marketplace sellers are being sneaky and now undercutting the amazon own pre discount price a tiny amount so the discount option gets hidden. If you check 'other sellers' for the ones mentioned in the original post you'll find the discount is active

  15. HSunny's avatar
    The good ol' days for Xbox and PS1... iykyk
  16. daydreamer44's avatar
    Did you know that in Japan they still use floppy disks:

    'Around 1,900 government procedures still require businesses to use the storage devices, plus CDs and mini-discs, Taro Kono said.'


    That's news from September 2022 (edited)
    codebee's avatar
    You’d be surprised how many businesses still use old hardware. I work for some large uk banks who still use archaic hardware for some of their systems. Lots of it is programmed on Fortran which is a programming language that’s been around 66 years now.
  17. denwo1982_'s avatar
    Haven’t needed one of these since the late 90’s
  18. P-A1XAKS's avatar
    I got rid of mine to charity shop years ago but now wish I'd kept and used them to organise seed packets etc
  19. MildmanneredCalvin's avatar
    Purists don't let purists listen to happy hardcore
  20. kovitch's avatar
    Do they still sell these?
    FlangeNut123's avatar
    This deal expires on 28 February at 23:59
  21. dealcatcherer's avatar
    Man, this would have been a good deal in 1995...
  22. 2minutenoodles's avatar
    I like to separate my 3d blu-rays into one convenient case because searching for them on the shelf amongst non 3D titles can be tedious.  Thanks.
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