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Hamilton Ventura Automatic watch

£19.14 from Japan ·
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Its %58 off. I am not sure about duty & taxs related to it
Amazon Japan More details at
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  1. badgerpelt's avatar
    895 quid on CW Sellors website.
  2. ScroopEgerton's avatar
    It’s time to put it on. The last suit you’ll ever wear.
    mancuk87's avatar
    To infinity and beyond
  3. Baldricky's avatar
    Do we know what the Duty/VAT/Tax situation is with regards to buying off Amazon Japan? Are they added at source based on a UK shipping address? The Ventura definitely falls into the category of an acquired taste. (edited)
    justlikebefore's avatar
    I think so. I bought it to be delivered to Ireland, they added around 80-90 euro to be duty fee deposit
  4. Meathotukdeals's avatar
    I do like that Hamilton try different designs.
  5. Kato_MV's avatar
    The strap ends are at an angle, good luck finding a replacement.
  6. XYZ787's avatar
    Looks like something off Temu
  7. Cheeky_Chap's avatar
    Please tell me that's meant to be a ladies watch?!
    Baldricky's avatar
    That's meant to be a ladies watch. Hope that helps.
  8. presterjohn71's avatar
    If it's good enough for Elvis and the Men in Black then it's good enough for anyone.
  9. kestrel1960's avatar
    Bargain. Heated. But I’ll bet you’ll have to pay the usual 20% VAT to get your hands on it.
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  11. kestrel1960's avatar
    I know it’s the RRP but it’s got the automatic 80 hour movement which makes this one so tempting…

    hamiltonwatch.com/en-…tml (edited)
    crazyfacedziggler's avatar
    You know how something like this wears? Lug to lug is 53.5mm. Sounds very long, but this case shape is not your regular.
  12. cronikcaig's avatar
    Beam me up Scotty!
    Nice on Just like before!
  13. DubDriver's avatar
    388.61 GBP, current Mastercard exchange rate.

    Price includes import tax
  14. PonJaul76's avatar
    Looks very Trekkie !
    Moneyspider's avatar
    It's a watch Jim, but not as we know it.
  15. Allgreatdatamate's avatar
    I've just been sick on my legs.
    6h9h's avatar
    f-fetch your cloth!
  16. lazyfatboy's avatar
    The model code in the listing suggests it's the 34.7mm version, which will wear a bit bigger than that due to the case shape, but it's a tiny dial in there. Still want one though...
  17. mady_awad's avatar
    lazyfatboy's avatar
    Snappy URL.
  18. trojanasante's avatar
    Hannibal Lecter would love this watch lol
  19. robjw_2001's avatar
    I really want a Ventura but that dial is ugly. Probably a good thing as I can't afford it right now.
  20. Winston31's avatar
    That. Is HONKING.
  21. currybum2's avatar
    Love it! Not sure how it would wear, but pic on wrist looks fine.
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