Hamleys sale!
Hamleys sale!

Hamleys sale!

some bargains to be had here
Bratz World Mother and Daughter Daughter Dolls £10.00 was £20.00
Aqua Beads Art Bumper Set Now £6.50 Was £13.00
Paddington Bear With Suitcase Now £15.00 Was £30.00
TMX Elmo Special Edition Now £20.00 Was £40.00



LOL you must not know the Scamleys story?

It's gonna get cold!!

I'll bite.

Whats the scamleys story?

basicaly there was a discount soooo good hamleys could have gone bust lol , Hamleys cought on and cancelled and refunded all orders even undiscounted orders , it was in the news too. (bit more too it but this kind of inflates and covers the story)

it was the reason the :viking: was invited to join our smilies list

Thanks, its nice to know things like that.
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