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Hamster Cage £9.99 @ Homebargains Instore & Online
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Hamster Cage £9.99 @ Homebargains Instore & Online

Posted 24th Apr 2012
This Hamster Cage will make an excellent home for your hamster; providing it with an exciting living area and the exercise required to ensure your hamster stays healthy. The colourful accessories include a platform with climbing tube, exercise wheel, feeder bowl and water bottle. It's easy to assemble and easy to clean which is perfect for getting your new little pet settled into their home. The cage is ideal for hamsters, mice, gerbils and other small animals.


Hamster Cage
Platform and Climbing tube
5.5 Inch Dia. exercise wheel
Water bottle and feeding bowl
Deep scatterless base
Easy to assemble and clean
Approx Size: H24cm x W39cm x D24cm
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as recommended by Richard Gear

as recommended by Richard Gear

and Richard Hammond.
Just so people are aware this wheel is unsuitable for a fully grown syrian.
dont think this is suitable for the russian hamsters as they maybe able to get through the bars. You may also have to upgrade to a bigger cage if you get a syrian as when full grown they like space.....good price for starter cage
the bottom half is flimsy plastic they'll eat through that in minute and you'll have a Harry Houdini hamster under your washing machine!
That's tiny, I have no idea how they have managed to cram a second floor in there. I don't think it is big enough for a hamster either.
at christmas time they had a much better one for 9.99 ?
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