Hancock / Men In Black / Men In Black 2 DVD Boxset £4.85 (possibly £3.85 with voucher) @ The Hut + Quidco

Hancock / Men In Black / Men In Black 2 DVD Boxset £4.85 (possibly £3.85 with voucher) @ The Hut + Quidco

Found 2nd Feb 2010Made hot 2nd Feb 2010
This was hot three weeks ago at £5.85. With the newsletter signup voucher this could go down to £3.85 + 3% quidco. This collection features the action films HANCOCK, MEN IN BLACK and MEN IN BLACK 2, starring Will Smith.

HANCOCK Peter Berg (THE KINGDOM, FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS) directs this story of a reluctant superhero, John Hancock (Will Smith). Like the best superheroes, Hancock can fly, is bulletproof, and has insurmountable strength. He uses these gifts to fight crime in Los Angeles and save people in distress. Unfortunately, he is also a drunk who leaves a trail of costly destruction behind during his lifesaving pursuits, and his constant sarcasm fails to win him friends. But after Hancock randomly saves his life, public relations executive Ray Embrey (Jason Bateman) decides to give him a makeover and help the superhero change his image so that the police and citizens of Los Angeles will realize how much they need their seemingly inappropriate hero.

MEN IN BLACK In the 1950s a super-secret government agency was formed to monitor and police the activities of extraterrestrial aliens on the planet Earth. Some 40 years later a founding father of the agency, Agent Kay (Tommy Lee Jones), finds himself with a new smart-mouthed partner fresh from the NYPD who is soon dubbed Agent Jay (Will Smith). Their first mission is to save the Earth from destruction by a giant insect-like alien (Vincent D'Onfrio) that, incidentally, drives an exterminator's truck. Armed with their matching Ray-Bans, skinny ties, and space-age weapons that Jay barely understands he calls the Neuralyzer the 'flashy thing' the new duo begin another average day of fighting intergalactic terrorists. An amazingly hip and terribly clever movie that riffs on everything from E.T. THE EXTRA-TERRESTRIAL to CASABLANCA, this Barry Sonnenfeld film is based on the equally savvy comic book by Lowell Cunningham.

MEN IN BLACK 2 Reuniting director Barry Sonnenfeld with most of the original film's cast, MEN IN BLACK II picks up with alien-monitoring secret agent Jay (Will Smith) in a rut. Weary of the isolated life of an MIB operative, Jay continually fires new partners until MIB director Zed (Rip Torn) teams him up with the talkative pug Frank (voiced by Tim Blaney). Together they investigate an 'alien-on-alien' murder witnessed by the lovely Rita (Rosario Dawson), who Jay immediately falls for. The case eventually leads Jay and Frank to track down agent Kay (Tommy Lee Jones), who now works at a rural post office, completely unaware of his former life. Unfortunately, it's what Kay can't remember that may save the world from destruction at the hands of the shape-shifting alien Serleena (Lara Flynn Boyle). As Jay attempts to jog the memory of the reluctant Kay, Serleena takes over MIB headquarters, building up to a big New York City showdown.


Worth it just for Hancock thanks.

Very good deal. Hancock on its own costs a minimum of £4 online so the Men in Black films for 85p extra aint bad!

good price for all three. HOT

Good price, have some heat! Hancock frustrates me...so much promise & then it all kinda goes wrong in the last hour! (in order to set up Hancock 2?!)
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