Hand blender & hand mixer only £2.50 each in Wilko

Hand blender & hand mixer only £2.50 each in Wilko

Found 22nd Aug 2016
Never saw this price.... Both hand blender and hand mixer at 2.50 each at wilko..... Thought this may be the cheapest deal.... Hence sharing..... Worth it
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wow great find. am looking for a hand blender. will check.in mine tomorrow. thanks op
Great... Happy shopping
They are £5 at my local
Last week also someone posted same deal..Unfortunately my local store had the usual price £5..
The illustration here is different to that on the website priced at 4.75 - where does this picture come from ?
I have the model shown on the website, and it's great value for money.
The only warning I would give is that if doing hot liquids like soups, you really do have to wait a while for them to cool before blending, as I melted the plastic on mine the first time. It still works ok and doesn't interfere with the action of the blades though.
I agree with some of the online reviews in that the buttons are not going to be easy for an elderly person with problems in grasping things, as they are well recessed and take a good bit of pressure to operate.
Theyre £5.00 at the Hull store
In basildon store its 2.50
found one in Huddersfield £2.50
7 pounds at my local bury store...
Good deal..in our local wilko today they was also offering their ice cream maker from 15.00 to 3.75 for the blue or pink model and 5.00 for the white if that helps anyone.Heat.
£7.50 for the mixer in Wolverhampton
5 in blackpool
£2.50 in Tamworth store...great buy
These prices are not national. They won't reduce a penny in London
They're £1 in clifton, Bristol. Thanks OP!
how to i buy this? in my town not available ☹️

hi how to i buy this? in my town not available ☹️

​hi this was posted 5 months ago..
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