Hand Blender Set £12.99 @ Lidl

Hand Blender Set £12.99 @ Lidl

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* With versatile accessories for mixing, puréeing and chopping
* Hand-held appliance with 3 easy-to-change attachments
* Powerful 600W motor with 2 speed settings
* Comprehensive and multi-purpose accessories include:
- Blender attachment
- Whisk
- Multi-chopper
* Blender, whisk and chopping blade made from high-quality stainless steel
* Including practical wall bracket and jug, capacity max. (ml): 700
* 3 year manufacturer’s warranty


Going to get one each of these for family members, brilliant deal!

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Yeah it is good. I was given a Philips Hand Blender with only 1 attachment which was more expensive than this. The option to buy Whisk + Multi-chopper would have cost over £20 more.

Bargain, just what I was after!
All I have to do now is remember to go and get one lol!

Balls. The missus just spent a small fortune on a new brand name set - I would have preferred £12.99 set....


How many hands can it blend at once?:p

this is awesome - i have one. if you're short on kitchen space, but want something pretty versatile, you won't find better. the motor is very powerful. i'm considering buying another as i accidentally destroyed the chopping bowl thing.


Valentines day pressie sorted, thanks OP

Thats cheap for a hand job!

Picture of fatherland efficiency and wholesomeness and bountifullness with all those natural produce in the video, actually I use a 600w blender daily at least for smoothies if nothing else. Just a rinse means no need for messy food processors anymore. I use a plastic ziplock jar to whip up (most things) and drink from and rinse for fruits and if oily just add water and a drop of washing up liquid and blend and rinse. Sometimes she talks like Ali-G: "well organized... well mashed .. well attached" lol. 600w + metal stem and whisk and chopper, can't go wrong. Also she has good tricks both of which I learnt from her video like "adding a drop of oil and steadily moving up and down" for mashed carrots (and other solid stuff for my use like onion for burgers) and on the 2 phases for making foamy whipped cream in the segment starting just after she says:"mmm yummy this is how your milkshake should look like".
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will check the local in the morning

heat added, picked one up on Monday!
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