Hand Sanitiser for only £1.29 at Aldi

Hand Sanitiser for only £1.29 at Aldi

Found 20th Sep 2009
As the title says . This is very cheap compared to the main brand which I've just checked is £2.92 in Sainsburys. (it's totally different to the hand gels as it's a foam and easier for kids)

Ideal for your little ones as you can't be too careful when you're out and about. You don't want them putting those nasty germs in their mouth!

Please don't vote cold if you don't have kids. Hopefully some parents will know what I mean. So if you are in the market for this type of thing this I think is a bargain!
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I use hand sanitiser all the time as does my son (against his will though)

I watched a programme couple of years back and it showed you germs on door handles, public toilet door handles were by far the worse, shopping trolley handles, EVERYTHING! Turned my stomach and now I use this stuff all the time.

They do sell sanitisers in pound shops, but I agree the foam stuff is better when getting your kids to use it

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Poundland have a small bottle of foaming alcohol-free Hand Sanitiser for £1. Got a bottle myself yesterday.


I get the Dettol foam hand sanitiser from poundland, its great stuff for when your out and about with lille ones!


Someone's about as bored as me. ;-)
99p in Lidel

99p in Lidel

I take it you mean Lidl? I shop there loads and haven't seen this there. What brand is it? I'll look out for it there.
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