Handirack Inflatable roof rack only £19.99 at Aldi

Handirack Inflatable roof rack only £19.99 at Aldi

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LocalFound 14th Jul 2009
Went to my local Aldi in Leicester (Meridian) yesterday and they were selling these off at £19.99 to clear. I assume they must be selling them off nationwide if other stores have any stock left. Unfortunately, they won't fit our car as it has curtain airbags. Next cheapest I have found these are £45 from ebay so over 50% cheaper. The full price in Aldi was originally 29.99 so still cheap at that price
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Sorry to burn your post mate but I don't care how much this is reduced to, I wouldn't buy/use one on my car. The reason?.... You might want to have a look at this review....


And in particular, the dent that it made in the car roof! :?...


Why they gave this 4 stars i will never know! :? Yeah the huge dent popped back out of their hire car (they didn't bother telling the hire company about their little mishap!), but making dents like that in ANY car ain't gonna do the paint work any good! I agree it may well be useful for light loads over short distances but even then you're relying on the air pressure remaining constant! If it goes down the load could scratch your roof or worse, the load could shed onto the road. The consequences of that are not worth thinking about! There are other reviews about that talk about the fact that you cannot close the windows fully when using this resulting in the car getting wet inside if it rains.

As I said at the start, I don't mean to burn down the OP but I thought I'd post this as a warning to fellow HUKD users. I'd hate to see anyone buy it and end up ruining their car or worse! Sorry Adam! :oops:
Thanks for the warning. My wife was very keen on getting this, but i wasn't so sure and was glad that it wouldn't have fit the car as I didn't think we really needed extra room anyway. We already have a zafira!!. I will show her this link as well. Very useful info...
No problem Adam. :thumbsup: And thanks for understanding I wasn't 'attacking' your post, I simply wanted to make people aware of what I have researched about this product. I'm amazed they've passed Euro CE approval (I assume they have! :?). I mean the risk of something coming off one of these seems too high to warrant their use in my opinion.
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