Handsaw / Hacksaw £1 each @ Poundland

Handsaw / Hacksaw £1 each @ Poundland

Found 5th Nov 2013
Saw these yesterday in Poundland. That's a good value for what you pay. I am getting some of my tools from them sometimes and it's not that bad. Also saw wired door bells for a pound.
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Absolute rubbish

Bought one for a tiny job and it shattered into 3 parts
Would not trust this near me tbh!
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Absolute rubbishBought one for a tiny job and it shattered into 3 parts

I agree some of the tools from Poundland turns bad but it did the job for me with no problem.
Great cooking untensil.......easily goes through butter, leeks,carrots,asparagus,parsnips etc! As for the rest.....crap!
I was on a job and my last hack saw blade snapped picked one of these up as there was poundland a cross the road, my god the thing would struggle to cut through butter
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