Found 16th Sep 2010
Disney Store have reduced the price of many Handy Manny Toys. The talking tool box which is £30 everywhere has been reduced to £21- then use the code 'WDTC'- thanks to kingchris to receive a further 10% off- so £18.90

Another great bargain is the soft toolbox great for younger ones down to £12.80 then with the code so £11.52.

Handy Manny bath toys are down from £8 to £5.80 - so £5.22 with code

There is loads more stuff dressing up costume, slippers, bags- too many to mention. All these are great for xmas and will be hard to get hold of nearer xmas as Handy Manny s very popular

5% quidco available
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Are there are discount vouchers for buying in store, otherwise you have to spend £75 to get free delivery online?

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Don't know how it can be voted cold when you can't buy one anywhere for under £29- but hey ho!

you can't use the code instore but I bought £75 of stuff for my kids for xmas so got free delivery

I was on their website last night looking at something for £20, just had another look and theyve put the price up to £22, cheeky sods

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I've noticed they change prices all the time- but I was looking for Handy Manny stuff for my son for his birthday and xmas and my local argos is out of stock for everything I want and you O.O.S for ordering online. So I checked again and they have slashed the prices on the disney site with no mention of it on the home page- but I wouldn't be surprised if they go back up again- I've seen that on there before
I honestly have never seen the stuff that cheap before x

this has now gone up to £21 online

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this has now gone up to £21 online

It is reduced to £21- but you use the discount code to get a further 10% off making it £18.90

not feeling it as a HOT DEAL!

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Each to their own- Handy Manny stuff isn't cheap full stop- but unfortunately its what many kids are after this xmas and this seems to be the best price I can find. Definately wouldn't pay £30 no matter how much my kids wanted it- but £18.90 I can live with

your post reminded me that i needed to check disney store for some toy story 3 bits my youngest wants for xmas placed my order & then looked on quidco & i could have got 5% cashback

this is a great price. deliver charge wipes out the saving though, good fine if you buyin alot of stuff in one go or going instore.

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damn- didn't know they were on Quidco!


damn- didn't know they were on Quidco!

they never had been before when i've ordered just goes to show you should always check quidco before going on any shop online.... i spent £83 on there so would have got a decent amount back

Thanks very much - my son loves handy manny so great price!!

dont think the hard set has flicker in it

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I bought the Fliker Torch seperate for £4.50- but I also got the soft set to have a look at and return one

HOT - My little one loves these things.

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