Hanes mens and ladies tees - £1 each (£3.99 P&P) - SportsDirect

Hanes mens and ladies tees - £1 each (£3.99 P&P) - SportsDirect

Found 31st Oct 2010
I just got an email this morning advertising it. Some of the t-shirts are £2 or £3, but the vast majority are just £1. The majority are plain, but some have some nice designs and all in a variety of colours.

Standard delivery is only £3.99 and last time I used it it came within 24 hours. As this is listed under "Offer Sunday", I presume this is to expire at the end of the day. There's nothing to say this is available offline.


£5 For a naff T shirt?

Not good in my books

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£5 For a naff T shirt?Not good in my books

Or £10 for 6? Never had a problem with SportsDirect shirts and still have ones from back when it was SoccerSports. Same goes for Haynes shirts.

miss leading title as you have to pay for postage

How many mens are £1 ? I only saw one earlier,but lots of ladies . There'll be many offers on short sleeved tops at this time of year on many sites, so I'm not buying unless it's something I really want. Before anyone says they're good for layering in cold spells, I got several long sleeve caterpillar tops in the 'size-up' deal posted here not long ago, and they're long length so brilliant value to wear under other stuff, and were around a couple of pounds each. In other words, cold on this deal.
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