Hannibal (DVD) Anthony Hopkins......£2.96 DELIVERED!

Hannibal (DVD) Anthony Hopkins......£2.96 DELIVERED!

Found 22nd May 2007
Ten Years have passed since FBI agent Clarice Starling faced the ingenious Dr. Hannibal Lecter...ten years of watching, wondering and waiting. But now the wait is over. The sophisticated killer re-emerges in Florence, Italy, ready to entice Clarice into their old game of cat-and-mouse. Yet she isn't the only one interested in capturing him. Another mind with a dubious motive - ravenous vengeance - also wishes to stake his claim to the enigma that is Hannibal. But of these three brilliant minds, whose cunning will prevail? Only one thing is certain. Hannibal is "the rarest of movies, a sequel that's stacks better than the original"
Region: 2
Studio: Universal Pictures Video
Release Date: 4 Oct 2004
Run Time: 126 minutes
Certificate: 18

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