Hannibal DVD on Sale for £1.99 - went through the till @ 99p!

Hannibal DVD on Sale for £1.99 - went through the till @ 99p!

Found 19th Sep 2009
(First post - so sorry if I've done it wrong!).

Hannibal DVD on sale at Homebase for £1.99. Went to buy it and it scanned through at 99p, absolute bargain for Ridley Scott's entry into the Hannibal Lecter series.

Link to Hannibal at IMDB: imdb.com/tit…85/



I think all the dvds in homebase are half price at the moment - they were in our local on yesterday anyway. Am sure this may have been posted recently, however the Hannibal one is a great buy!

wow, great first post and cracking deal. Heat added!!

wow...was in there yesterday....saw the half price sale, and the Hannibal DVD was marked down from £3.99, to £1.99 - so presumed that was the half price sale.
But I guess from this posting it could then be a half price sale on the already marked half price sale items...if that makes sense.......:p

Homebase sell DVDs?


Homebase sell DVDs?

A couple of bargains I picked up:


Thanks for this! Will swing by tomorrow and see if I have the same luck
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