HannsG 19" Widescreen LCD *5ms* Multimedia Monitor - £137.65 or less delivered

HannsG 19" Widescreen LCD *5ms* Multimedia Monitor - £137.65 or less delivered

Found 21st Aug 2006
HannsG 19" Widescreen LCD *5ms* Multimedia Monitor is £137.65 or less delivered from Savastore.com

Good price for a 5ms Multimedia Widescreen monitor. Go through Quidco for 3% cashback.

Before your very eyes, the Hanns-G 19-inch LCD bursts with delicious images in vibrant colours and compelling brilliance. This exquisitely detailed masterwork of elegance and style, offers incredible 700:1 contrast, stunning 300-nit brightness, a 0.294 pixel pitch and tantalizing WXGA 1440 x 900 resolution. 8ms response for wonderful video performance and crisper gameplay. DVI and VGA(D-sub) inputs deliver remarkable versatility. Make Your Life Better With Hanns·G’s 19-inch LCD colour active matrix TFT display.


This was recently posted by MikeT ]here but this price seems to be lower
P.S. The same deal (and other cheaper sources) were also posted in the above thread

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[SIZE=2]Thanks for that Jaknap. [/SIZE][SIZE=2]That was from Tekheads [/SIZE]

Even cheaper from Play - £129 delivered


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Nah... Its different.

This is 5ms response time compared to Play.com, which is 8ms.

BTW, Welcome to HUKD Rythum :wink:

but it says 8ms response time in the description? :confused:

From Savastore

Response Time5 ms

it seems pretty strange to have 5ms response time twice and then in the description state: "8ms response for wonderful video performance and crisper gameplay"

Could the average punter really tell between an 8ms and a 5ms? I'm not too sure they could.....just a thought

Probably right there boydent999

I read somewhere that anything below 8ms is irrelevant to the human eye. Or somewhere near 8ms, so to be honest 8ms, 2ms...and so on should not really bother the person using the screen.

Hi everyone,

I think 8ms is a typo...I checked on the Manufacturers website and they only seem to do this model as 5ms...but yes probably couldn't tell the difference anyway!

I'm seriously considering this TFT particularly as it has a DVI input.

Has anyone bought it?...any good?

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