HannsG 19" Widescreen LCD Monitor with built in Multimedia speakers - £94.99 delivered @ Amazon !

HannsG 19" Widescreen LCD Monitor with built in Multimedia speakers - £94.99 delivered @ Amazon !

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HannsG "New York" 19" Widescreen Monitor with built in Multimedia speakers

The 19" Widescreen 'New York' monitor from HannsG is an LCD monitor with style, featuring elements adapted from technical equipment and machinery to give a post-modern industrial design flair. The brushed aluminum stand with adjustable height tripod base and integral smart cable management enhances the theme of the design, and complements any setting. The design uses controls that are familiar to photographers and the 'New York' and differentiates itself from other monitors with its naked functionalism. All in all this is a sophisticated piece of equipment with all the functionality of its less exciting colleagues.


Very ugly brute but good price!

And good ]customer reviews.


1) Don't buy a monitor for the speakers.... ever.
2) Looks like this has some form of height adjustment
3) Hot deal

I owned one of these, it was great until I realised that the speakers buzzed quite loudly when you turned them down. Other than this fault it was an excellent monitor

not the best looking monitor, but good price. I ordered the tesco one, although I am not entirely sure whats happenning with that now as they said online that there is a problem with my order, and one of there customer servies team will contact me - I called them and they said theres no problem! So lets hope I get it delivered later!

i got this one a year ago from ebuyer for 99:99 and got to say i am more than impressed with it, ok so its not a well known make, but hey what you expect for under £100!!

of course i dont use the built in speakers, never even tried them to be honest, so cant comment on the quality of these, but picture wise, its perfect size for em and my needs, and good value for your cash :thumbsup: voted hot, as £5 cheaper than i had mine :-D

"New York" model, ugly as hell!

I have one of these, in fact I am looking at it right now !!!

Its a great monitor, really fantastic picture quality. The only problem is the in built speakers.........they are rubbish.

They sound pretty terrible and they pick up some kind of interference when the backlight is turned down. However, its not a problem for me as I use separate speakers.

Personally I love the look of this monitor, it looks very funky. At this price its a no brainier.


Why do people buy a flat screen monitor and moan about the speakers?

Small space + speakers = terrible quality. Always.


"New York" model, ugly as hell!

your opinion,. but i like it, really good in fact :thumbsup:

hi wonder if anyone can comment on the screen clarity,
I was going to get 19" HP W1907V after seeing it in pcworld until i realised it lacked DVI input (not that it matters much over vga input quality these days.i just bought an mini apple with DVI output& i really want a DVI monitor.
Anyway my question is whether this Hann screen has same ultrabright glossy reflection free treatmemt as the 19" HP W1907V and possibly where I could actually see one for real before deciding

Very tempting.

Anyone had any dead pixels on these?

And any idea what Amazon's dead pixel policy is? I note that their Returns Policy says items have to be unopened or faulty...

This is a hot deal, even at £99.98. Play want £119.99. Thanks.
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