Hannspad 10" Tablet, Microdirect £105.97 @ Microdirect

Hannspad 10" Tablet, Microdirect £105.97 @ Microdirect

Found 3rd Nov 2012
Been reading lots of comments about these when offered before but it seems to all come down to the screen.... if its the earlier one, the viewing angles are bad, the later one is great.

Other specs are all very good excepting no camera. Flaws such as running 2.2 and no GooglePlay can all be overcome with custom ROMS.
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Great tablet, well worth it. Runs ICS really well.
Not worth it look at deal i posted
Ive had one for a fair while running honeycomb, its a really nice tablet. Heat added
LOH1153... been looking at your post, interesting. However, utterly confused by the fact there are 2 versions avaialble and one might not actually have an IPS display.

Aggh!! Choices!!!.

If I knew this Hannspree actually had IPS I would order this to be honest... due to price and wide-screen display (which I prefer)
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Bought one a year ago.
Its a brick at the moment. Do yourself a favour and AVOID

Bought one a year ago.Its a brick at the moment. Do yourself a favour and … Bought one a year ago.Its a brick at the moment. Do yourself a favour and AVOID

Sell it on!

Great tabs, easy to mod, run ics easily and job is available too.
How did you brick it
Had mine a year now and been excellent. Jelly bean even exists for it but not yet tried it out. Dunno how it compares to tablets 1 year down the line tho.
I got one of these last year and have tried various roms on it. It is easily surpassed by all the more recent tablets out there.
I've got the one with the improved viewing angles but the screen generally is not great. If you are used to a modern amoled screen on your phone then you will find this a big step back. It's very low resolution as well.
It only has 512mb of ram which stops it from running ICS smoothly. It does run it, but you need to be willing to invalidate your warranty to install it. In my opinion nothing runs better than the stock 2.2 on it, but then you are limited in app compatibility.
That said, it's still a good price for a solid 10" tablet which, in its day, was a cracker.
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