Hannspree 25" Full Hd 1080p Tv@ebuyer ebay outlet £149.99

Hannspree 25" Full Hd 1080p [email protected] ebay outlet £149.99

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EXCELLENT PRICE TODAY ONLY at this price.We ordered one 2 weeks ago at £164.99 and we are really happy with it and it does have freeview although I had to ring up to find out how to access it! We only had an old TV and we have this now as our new and only flatscreen-its excellent


If you're in a rush and need it, this is good value.

If you can wait and save more, do it, Samsung LED especially will be worth it.

Good price, usually £160 through ebay/ebuyer

I have the 28" version of this model. Makes an excellent computer monitor with DVI to HDMI lead.


If you're in a rush and need it, this is good value.If you can wait and … If you're in a rush and need it, this is good value.If you can wait and save more, do it, Samsung LED especially will be worth it.

When is that deal coming and how much will it be, also what size TV?

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Hmmm, got this last week at £164.99 - anybody know if Ebuyer would give me the difference back? I know Amazon are usually pretty good at crediting the difference if the price drops after you bought an item.

As a note about the TV itself, I'm using HDMI from PC to HDMI on the TV as a PC monitor, and I'm not that impressed with the Anti-aliasing, I have spent time adjusting settings but still can't get as sharp a text as I'd like. Using the VGA input the text seems a lot sharper - so the settings must be there somewhere!

off sale at ebuyer now, this could be the last batch they are getting in?

Very nice and comes with two year warranty. Too bad it's not LED. Hot either way.

Thanks so much - we missed out a few weeks ago when it was on at £164.99 and almost bought from ebuyer the other day at £169.99 but waited too long and they sold out as well. It was meant to be I guess because this is a fantastic price, and the reviews on ebuyer are pretty fantastic as well so I have high hopes!

Does it come with remote control?


Does it come with remote control?

Looking at pictures on previous thread its a yes

See post 22


Looks the business, plenty of ports and a killer price. Hot from me.


Does it come with remote control?

Yep, includes Remote

Don't believe it ------- I bought this yesterday from ebuyer for £169.99 plus £9.99 delivery.....AHHHHH.

Didn't buy it yesterday, had a feeling there was one more deal in the pipeline before christmas. It has been this price once before, hasn't it.

Looks like I got lucky for once, was selling some stuff on Ebay and saw this as deal of the day so dived in without my usual scrutiny from HUKD, looking forward to next week when it arrives, using it as a main TV for a few months until I can afford a big panny, then it's relegated to the kitchen or bedroom.


purchased.... thanks HOT!!


Looking at pictures on previous thread its a yesSee post … Looking at pictures on previous thread its a yesSee post 22http://www.hotukdeals.com/deals/hannspree-25-lcd-freeview-full-hd-1/744904?ppp=60

...one of the best designed remote controls I've ever seen as well. Other manufacturers would do well to study it!

This is a great set. We've had it for a few weeks now. Very unusual to find one of this size that does "Full" HD and has a wide range of inputs - all of which have been used.

A superb purchase. Go via eBay on topcashback.co.uk if you want a few more quid off.


Very good price, cheapest I've seen yet for this


how does this compare … how does this compare to...http://www.argos.co.uk/static/Product/partNumber/5295793.htm

It's larger


It's larger

& cheaper lol !

Just ordered! thanks to OP;)

just purchased , thanks OP

OK for wall mounting?

Yes, 100 / 200 iirc

excellent deal, just ordered!

ordered voted hot

Great deal :-))))

What the deal on the Samsung LED TV?
Is it also from ebuyer?

Cheers.Ordered one for my son .Going by the reviews on ebuyer seems good value for money.

When I added one to basket and clicked Proceed to Checkout I keep getting an error

Sorry, something went wrong.

This is in Internet Explorer and Firefox.

Perfect. Just what I was waiting for. I was going to buy it for £169.99 but the £9.99 postage was making it way too expensive.
Thanks OP..
Now.. Does anyone knows of a resonably priced but durable cantilever and swivel bracket with an arm long enough to allow swinging it at 90 degrees off the wall? I keep looking on eBay and amazon but can't really decide as the tv is 25" and not sure if the arms are long enough.. I may need some help here..

the 'new' model...

anyone care to spot the difference?

Bought one of these last time it was on offer for the bedroom - brilliant quality.

Looking at getting the kids the 32" one for Xmas as a gaming screen upstairs

I would highly recomend it

Hey OP,

Have some heat and thanks to all the HUKD reviewers, which was the final decision I needed to buy this TV.

Cheers eveyone!!

:(all gone was too late


:(all gone was too late

No. Still available.

sold out

So sad I missed this!!!

HAVE IT OP!!! just managed to buy one... Cant wait ta play black ops on this baby

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