Hannspree 28"  TV Full HDMI - Football Shaped! - £176.81 Delivered @ Hannspree UK

Hannspree 28" TV Full HDMI - Football Shaped! - £176.81 Delivered @ Hannspree UK

Found 7th Apr 2011
First post here so hope I don't mess anything up!

Full HD (1080p) 28 inch TV from HANNspree for just £169 + £7.81 delivery. Seems like a pretty ridiculous price to me. The only downside is the fact that it's shaped like a football. So sure, if you're older than 12 you may feel like a bit of a dick owning this. But at the end of the day, it's a full HD, 28'' TV for 176 quid.

I'm not going to pretend I know much about the technical specs because I don't. I've also no idea if HANNspree are even a slightly decent make so I await other people's comments regarding that. 2 HDMI ports is about as far as I can be bothered reading on the specifications.
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link doesnt work, where is this 'deal' ?
Link fixed
Great for boys rooms or den's. I can see lots of blokes trying to persuade the Mrs to let them buy one. The answer from all of them will be no though!
great price
If I was watching man utd on that and we lost I would BOOT it to f#'#!

Not a bad spec,
Wonder if you can remove the football part of the frame leaving the screen for wall mounting?
To answer my own question, after zooming in on the picture, the speakers are part of the football.
out of stock
Surprised a Sheff Wed fans wants to be reminded of football. :-)
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