Hanvon eBook Reader Wise Reader n516 including free Leather Case and Headphones £119.98 @ ebuyer

Hanvon eBook Reader Wise Reader n516 including free Leather Case and Headphones £119.98 @ ebuyer

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Found 1st Dec 2009
Seems like a good price for an eReader
Delivery is free if you choose SuperSaver

Including free Headphones and Leather Case

The Hanvon N516 eBook Reader - White is like a library in your pocket. It is designed for outdoor-use featuring a sunlight readable electronic paper display in a rugged yet slim and ultra-light package (under 165g). The Hanvon N516 eBook Reader was used in space during the historic Shenzhou-7 space mission, this speaks volumes about the quality of the N516 eBook.

The high definition display not only has a paper like appearance, it has no EMI generating backlight/inverter making it ideally suited for hours of reading. The device also features audio listening capability with MP3 support.

Product Features
-Read English and Chinese (Simplified and Traditional) Books: many English and Chinese books pre-loaded free
-Paper like display by E-ink technology. Audio book and MP3 Music supported.
-UltrA slim and light: Pocket size and under 6 oz
-Long battery life: read for weeks without recharging, 8000+ page flips each recharge
-Extremely large capacity with 2G SD card (up to 8G) for thousands of books with support for most popular formats including PDF, TXT, etc

-Technology: E Ink, Electronic Paper
-Screen Size: Approx. 5 Diagonally
-Resolution: 800(H)?00(V)
-Gray Scale: Max. 8-Level Gray Scale
-Ratio 4:3
-PLEASE NOTE: Does not support DRM PDF protected files

Media Format Supported

-Image: JPG, PNG
Storage Media

-SD Memory Cards

-Battery Type: Rechargeable Lithium-Polymer
-Battery Life(Approx.): 3.7V, 1500mAh
-Recharging Time: Approx. 4 Hours with USB charging from powered Computer Approx. 2 Hours when using AC wall charger.
-protection case included
-AC Power: AC Adaptor included requires 100-240V~, 50-60Hz, 0.6A

System Requirements (for download book data from USB)

-Operating System: Windows XP, 2000, vista or Windows 7

-Processor: 800MHz Intel Celeron class processor or better
-RAM: 128MHz Minimum
-Hard Drive: 64MB Minimum available Hard Drive Space
-USB Port: USB 1.1 or faster USB port


-Weight: Approx. 165 grams without cover
-Measurements: 108*152*12 mm (without cover)
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Would love to find some reviews on this...
Media Format Supported
-Image: JPG, PNG

no Epub or PDF?? bit lame, i'll reserve judgement until some reviews found
it does say PDF in the original protection up top, just not Rights Protected ones
I don't get it - why's this so cold?

It's the cheapest e-Reader by far.

Just wish there were more reviews for it! I need something for scientific documents.
This supports openinkpot so will support many many formats,a long with Calibre for loading them on.

The problem is that it only supports the DRM files via an upgrade which atm has vanished from the internet!
I dont get why these readers have so little memory on them, there is plenty of space to include normal amounts for 2010, not 64mb
-Extremely large capacity with 2G SD card (up to 8G) for thousands of books with support for most ?!
the Elonex 511 that is being sold by Waterstones is a newer version of this device, includes a keyboard and is only a few pounds more.
I bought one a couple of weeks ago.
The software isn't quite there yet - the note taking function isn't complete, but it's by far the best value out there at the moment at £130 - it comes with a 4GB SD card and can take up to 32
The software fix is due in a couple of weeks, and they are already enhancing it.
Whats it like for displaying pdfs? Ive got loads of pdfs of novels and was gonna buy a sony pocket reader till I noticed theres no sd card slot...Dont want to buy one, stick some pdfs on and wait for ages while it loads the next page!
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