Happy Dog Turkey - 12 pack - £4.76 Amazon Add on Item

Happy Dog Turkey - 12 pack - £4.76 Amazon Add on Item

Found 11th Sep 2017
This is pretty good stuff. My rottie loves it.
Please note "Usually dispatched within 1 to 2 months"
Only 77.5% water, as a comparison Pedigree Chum loaf cans are 81.5% water.
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The can is probably the most nutritious part.
For just under 40p per can, I'm getting a couple of these multipacks to donate to the local dog rescue centre. It's not the best food out there (I had a free trial of their dry food and it was middle of the road fare), but it's also not the worst, and I'm sure the rescue centre will be grateful.
Don't know why the cold votes.
The Rufus sport in b&m etc. Would work out at £4 for 12. But £4.76 delivered you can't complain.
Rufus sport 80% water, i just checked.

decent deal it seems.

must have dog food snobs voting.
% of water is only one criteria surely? Quality of meat etc should also be factored in...
All my dogs have never had any problems with cheapo dog food in tins and dry kibble stuff and also live to a ripe old age.

but why are people thinking this is a crap deal.???

it's a bargain happydoguk website £21.49
I would not feed this or any other carp to the dog I love.... and who loves me totally and unconditionally
He makes me happy and I want him to be happy, healthy and pain free... as much as I can influence it
And while I can... I will.... I'm not a dog snob, he's family and so he deserves my best
Gave both my dogs a runny butt.
Great price if your dogs can cope with it.
Price up to £21 now.

Thanks op. Appreciate the effort. 100% turkey you can't go wrong.

Sometimes you just get folks who have no idea voting cold.
Never seen a dog turkey, is it for xmas lol
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