HAPPY FRIDAY! Hop House Lager 330ml 79p B&M

HAPPY FRIDAY! Hop House Lager 330ml 79p B&M

LocalFound 15th Sep 2017Edited by:"kilmac"

Get your feet up and get these bad boys down you!

£0.79 a bottle! My local is nearly empty thanks to me...whoops!
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Lovely stuff
TN56711 m ago

Lovely stuff

I agree, and they're not my words but the words of Shakin' Stevens.
It's a great life
12 for £12 at tesco, or 2 packs for £20. It is very nice!
Check the best before date, mine were dates 20/08. Still tastes good tho
Is this the Larger made by Guinness ?
Brewed by Guinness and tastes really good. Thanks for the post, off to my local B&M!
My local has had these at that price for a few weeks as they were out of date.
But deffo a nice lager
None in my local B&M
Petereef22 m ago

None in my local B&M

Aw nooo!!!
Really nice lager. I normally get the 6 330ml cans for a fiver at my local tesco on the weekend. Great deal if they're in date
It was down to 60p in my local. All gone though. Nooooooo
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