Happy Gilmore : DVD £2.47 delivered @ Select Cheaper

Happy Gilmore : DVD £2.47 delivered @ Select Cheaper

Found 13th Oct 2009Made hot 13th Oct 2009
happy gilmore (adam sandler) is a would-be hockey star who finds his slap shot better employed on the fairway. when his granny loses her house to the irs, happy determines to buy it back by winning the pro golf tour. his temper and antics soon make him golf's media darling, but a bitter rival (christopher mcdonald) has a few tricks in store.


"Green jacket, yellow jacket...who gives a ******"

I paid a £1 for this in-store in WHSmith a couple of months back. maybe worth checking

Very funny film

Shooter: I eat pieces of **** like you for breakfast.
Happy: You eat pieces of **** for breakfast?

Lol classic.

"You're gonna die, clown!"

You'll Never Get It At This Price........ You Jackass!!!!

"Just tap it in, go on, just a little tap, tap-tap-tap" ...

What a film

http://1.bp.blogspot.com/_f3fTVkavMVg/SsDYjeQJ4MI/AAAAAAAAC8o/BoCp0UiWEmE/s400/happy+gilmore.jpg Tap tap taparoo

pretty silly throughout but very funny

great movie
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