Happy Hop Jump & Splash Adventure Zone Bouncy Castle & Pool £200 Tesco

Happy Hop Jump & Splash Adventure Zone Bouncy Castle & Pool £200 Tesco

Found 14th Jun 2016
Was £250. I stumbled across this on the Tesco website when looking for a pool for my kids. Amazing reviews & much cheaper then elsewhere. I decided to buy it even tho I was wary of it being expensive but I can honestly say it's the best thing I will buy this summer!! Already had hours of fun on it, can be used without water which is an added bonus. The best thing about it is it's sooooooo quick to inflate/deflate & easily store away. I got it for £195 with an automatic £5 off when spending over £40. Great buy!
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picked this up at the weekend, also can use tesco points boost thing.
My 4 year old would love this! I wasn't planning on spending £200 today and his birthday has been and gone but I am thinking of purchasing anyway! Thanks for sharing!
forgot to add that the kids in the picture are superimposed making it look like it is bigger than it is.
Why if u scoll across pictures its two different ones ??
I'd prefer the crocodile one in the pictures

I'd prefer the crocodile one in the pictures

It's an alligator actually, you can tell from the long snout!
Well the pool will always be full from the rain
youtu.be/Hdd…f0A this looks like it's the same for those wanting to see it in action.
Bought this for £37.50 a couple of years ago in sept... Fantastic buy for the price - kids love it
This seems like a terrible idea?
We've got the non pool version (ours has a large ramp thing at the front & a ball pool on the side instead), got it from tesco for about £35 a couple of years back.

Gets used loads in the summer & the kids absolutely love it. Worked out energy costs & it's only a few quid even if it's on for the entire day.
This was on offer at £120 a couple of years ago when we bought it.

It does provide plenty of fun for the kids although I'm not sure we'd have paid £200 for it although in comparison to other, similar bouncy castles it isn't badly priced
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