Happy Hopperz Orange Deer Bouncer (orange) £12.99 @ Amazon

Happy Hopperz Orange Deer Bouncer (orange) £12.99 @ Amazon

Found 17th Dec 2013
Cheapest yet.
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Orange is kinda gold!!! Lol
Too cute!
Near to gold as i'm going to get tonight.
as near as gold as I'm going to get! lol
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lol a golden flamedeer
These are ace, saw a couple of kids near enough fighting over having a go on one in mothercare. A deer space hopper what more could you want!
Heat for it being so darn cute!!
hot and not because its a deer ....sick of deers!
What's everyone going to do once the great flamedeer hunt is well and truly over with for another year? I suspect there will be many members get their old lives back to normal again! Every second post these days has some connection with deer or Rudolf!
I bought the red one last week after someone posted it on here and it's great!! such a cute and sturdy toy, well worth the money
argh, i just spent £24 on the cow! #idiot
That's fab and again not because it's a bally deer!
Yep, the only b near gold flamedeer we're all likely to see
Love it
Back up in price now, looks like I got one of the last 2 at the lower price. I have seen one of my niece's bounce on these, they look like great fun. This deer is due to arrive on Christmas Eve too and I am tempted to keep it as a Xmas decoration.
Some of the horses are only £14.45 if that helps anyone:
My little grandaughter has the pink dog one for Xmas this year - they are great
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