Happy Suarez App - Flappy Bird Remake! 59p @ Amazon

Happy Suarez App - Flappy Bird Remake! 59p @ Amazon

Found 25th Jun 2014
YNWA! Football and Flappy Bird -- The new chocolate & peanut butter. Honestly, what's not to like? This Premium Edition is the Best Flappy Bird Remake available. Hands down, it contains the most High-Resolution/Best Flappy Bird graphics of all imitator copies. It is also, pixel by pixel, the most polished: that means no rough edges will end your High Score Streak! Your Flappy Bird Personal Best will most likely be doubled or tripled in this version. On top of that, Early Adopters (those who purchase within the First 30 Days of Release) will automatically gain access to the Happy Suarez™ Season Pass. The SP will include FREE Premium Content for In-App Purchasing when it becomes available in the near future (that means you don't have to pay for New Content!). More specifically the Happy Suarez™ Premium Content includes, but is not limited to: built-in World-Wide Leaderboards (to Crown only the very best; Prizes for Leaders will be announced in the near future), Game Modifiers (such as Additional Lives & Power-Ups), New Backgrounds, New Character Bundles, and Medals/Achievements. This is truly the only dollar well-spent on a Mobile Game in this entire App Marketplace!


I'll bite at 49p


tell me when it's free
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