Happy Tree Friends: Overkill (3 Disc) DVD Boxset @ £8.99 - HMV
Happy Tree Friends: Overkill (3 Disc) DVD Boxset @ £8.99 - HMV

Happy Tree Friends: Overkill (3 Disc) DVD Boxset @ £8.99 - HMV

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The Internet's hottest cartoon comes to DVD! Who are the cutest, most cuddly cartoon characters around? The Happy Tree Friends, silly! They're so cute and adorable you'll want to squeeze them until their little eyes pop out! These 'lil critters are sure to tug at your heart and make you laugh so hard you'll break your funny bone!

3DVD Box Set - Contains:

* Happy Tree Friends: First Blood
* Happy Tree Friends: Second Serving
* Happy Tree Friends: Third Strike

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HMV DVD Editor

Happy Tree Friends may look cute and cuddly at first glance, but beware: if you don't want to see these cute and cuddly critters meet their ends in insanely violent, vile, sick, and insanely hilarious ways, then stay far, far away from this DVD set. All the cute and friendly forest animals you'd expect to see in a children's movie are here: from bears to porcupines, to even a moose and a shell-shocked Vietnam vet animal all take part in loads of misadventures that end with their grisly deaths. It's hard to say what's tougher to swallow; the way these critters meet their demises, or how amazingly funny it ends up being.

However, Happy Tree Friends is definitely not for everyone. Most definitely NOT intended for younger viewers. And anyone who doesn't have a dark sense of humour or a high tolerance for animated violence should avoid this at all costs, but if you're a fan of such animated lunacy like South Park, Drawn Together, or even Family Guy; you should give this a look. You could best describe this show as - "The Itchy and Scratchy concept'', with many more characters in each episode. This is just great, evil fun. Recommended viewing time would be, after your dinner, not during. After a bad day at work, cheers you right up. When you are just looking to sit in front of the box, and be bombarded with violent, graphic, and absolutely insane images.

Happy Tree Friends are contagious, as is their catchy little tune. This is great grown-up cartoon making! Hilarious!

Julieanne Hill, HMV Belfast, Donegall Arcade

i love these and it's a fairly good price you can normally pick up each of the volumes individually for around £3 each

Warning, watching a few episodes consecutively will make you mad. The intro tune will do your head in! lol
Funny though. Reminds me of watching these at school.
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