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Happy: Why More or Less Everything is Absolutely Fine (Kindle Edition) by Derren Brown 99p @ Amazon

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Everyone says they want to be happy. But that's much more easily said than done. What does being happy actually mean? And how do you even know when you feel it?

In Happy Derren Brown explores changing concepts of happiness - from the surprisingly modern wisdom of the Stoics and Epicureans in classical times right up until today, when the self-help industry has attempted to claim happiness as its own. He shows how many of self-help's suggested routes to happiness and success - such as positive thinking, self-belief and setting goals - can be disastrous to follow and, indeed, actually cause anxiety.

Happy aims to reclaim happiness and to enable us to appreciate the good things in life, in all their transient glory. By taking control of the stories we tell ourselves, by remembering that 'everything's fine' even when it might not feel that way, we can allow ourselves to flourish and to live more happily.
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  1. whats_the_deal's avatar
    Thank you multimillionaire Derren (Darren not good enough?) Brown. This is just the advice I and many others need in a cost of living crisis.
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    Just because someone's a "multimillionaire" doesn't mean they can't suffer with mental health issues, anxiety etc and then for you to take the mick out of someone's name (a name he didn't choose by the way) is very low in my opinion.
  2. Xadryxil's avatar
    I think this is a great book! I've read it a couple of times and found it very useful to put 'things' in perspective. Have recommended it to friends and family. Derren Brown may be a millionaire but does that make him happy? Read the book! Might be one of the best 99p's you spend in 2023.
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    Agreed. He is actually acutely critical of the Positive Psychology crowd. If you haven't read it maybe you should. You'd be very surprised. Excellent read. (edited)
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