Happyland Fairy treehouse playset £18 at Debenhams (RRP £50)

Happyland Fairy treehouse playset £18 at Debenhams (RRP £50)

Found 13th Dec 2011
ELC Happyland Fairy treehouse playset £18 at Debenhams (RRP £50).

Reduced to £20 Code VP42 is 10% off to get it for £18. Bargain. Free delivery
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Brilliant price for this, good find heat added thanks for posting X)

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Fab price, thought I'd got it at a bargain price @ £22.50 a few weeks back
I got it for about £35 a few months ago, my daughter loves it. This is a bargain!!
Got for my baby girl....even though she is only 4 months old gonna put it away for her. Thanks a lot x
this is bargain
I really need to stop buying my daughter presents...
Thanks alot, a real bargain.:)
Ordered one for my daughter, going to put away for her birthday, already has too much for xmas
Got this as an xmas gift for my niece a few weeks ago in mothercare for £40. Im totally gutted i cant find the reciept. It is an amazing toy tho.
My two love happyland, this is an amazing price!
thank you, another present my 1 year old will not need :-)
The happyland busy work site is the same price too. We've got our LO a bit of happyland things for christma but am tempted to get this and put it away for his birthday.
What a great find, I love this site!! Just bought, so hot from me!
Is this the one they are flogging on ebay for fortunes?

No guess not:
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Ordered for twins birthday in June, bargain thank you. Don't forget Quidco too.
Good reduction, but was this ever really a £50 toy? £20 sounds about right. Can't believe people would pay £50 for it. More and more these days, stuff is given a ridiculous RRP so they can give big 'discounts'. The Sports Direct school of product pricing.
as above, how was this ever £50!?
Wow is the Moshling Treehouse really selling at that price on ebay? Took me 30 seconds to find it for £19 and in stock.

Edit - Spent another 30 seconds on ebay and its not selling for much more than the RRP...great research by the Daily Mail
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My 2 year old daughter has one & my 4 year old son plays it more! Can't figure that one, its RRP isn't £50 though it's £35, we got it on buy one get one free in ELC earlier in the year.
That's a decent price
Thanks op, just bought one

The 10% off code you have given didn't work for me though, had to use "DB2U"

Cheers, heat added.
just got one too thanks
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