Hard Candy - £6.99
Hard Candy - £6.99

Hard Candy - £6.99

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This is also in the 3 for 18 deal HMV have going on.


Claustrophobic and brightly coloured, this tightly wound psychological thriller is constantly pulling the rug out from under the viewer, mostly due to the tense, explosive performances of its two main characters. The tale opens with a coffee shop rendezvous between 14-year-old Haley (the fantastic Ellen Page) and 32-year-old fashion photographer Jeff (Patrick Wilson), who have previously met only online in a chat room. Despite his questionable enthusiasm at meeting a girl half his age, Jeff comes off as slightly awkward and shy; rather, it's Haley who is unnervingly forthright in her flirtation. She suggests that they go back to his place, he complies, and, once there, Haley seductively convinces him to take pictures of her. She exhibits a beguiling mixture of innocence and precocious sexuality, but before anything happens between them, Jeff passes out under the influence of the drugs she's slipped him. When he wakes up, Haley drops her innocent demeanor and begins to undertake a meticulously planned game of retribution against her captive pedophile. She hacks into his computer and ransacks his house while he watches helplessly, and she ultimately raises the ante with a surgical procedure sure to make audiences squirm. The exact nature of Jeff's guilt remains nebulous, however, creating an intriguing uncertainty surrounding Haley's own mental state, and just how psychotic she might be. Expectations are continuously thwarted as the two characters--neither of whom is terribly sympathetic--enact a psychological and physical game of cat and mouse that is as fascinating to watch as a train wreck.


A good price for a good reason.

Very low budget boring film :whistling:

I watched this yesterday and thought it was good

Some people may like it but it was to predictable for me , slow pace and not enough action.

Great film if you like to watch 2 lame actors all through the film

Great film for those who don't have short attention spans and can cope with an original plot. ;-)

A good film for people who know when to use the spelling 'to' and when to use the spelling 'too'. I wouldn't watch it twice, because wondering how things will turn out the first time is where the appeal lies - and so I'm not sure if I'd buy it. But it's worth seeing if you want to rent it or buy it and pass it on.

Original Poster Banned


A good price for a good reason.Very low budget boring film :whistling:

You're one of the people who believe Rocky Balboa is one the best movies ever, aren't you?

It's not the best film I've ever seen, but it's far from the worst. I can safely say I never felt bored when I watched it.


Great film for those who don't have short attention spans and can cope … Great film for those who don't have short attention spans and can cope with an original plot. ;-)

Agreed except the overall plots been nicked from a film called 'Death and the Maiden'. I showed this film to a chav mate of mine and to my surprise he loved it (but from his comments he obviously didn't understand it), infact everybody I showed it too said it was a very good film.

It does not take a genius to understand the film , i am obviously not as easily pleased as some people.

Do excuse me if i find a film boring which has all but 2 actors in , to which i found the story line predictable...also do exuse me for having my own opinion on a film i found dull.

I was not aware i insulted you personally but i guess some people have serious issues in life.

To pick out someones spelling is quite immature and rather geeky , i didn't know i was being marked on Hotdeals for spelling.....oh well some people need to get out more :whistling:
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