Hard Cash - DVD only £1

Hard Cash - DVD only £1

Found 27th Apr 2007
Cheap dvd - only £1 delivered.... seems a good price to me....

Thomas Taylor (Christian Slater) is finally on parole. Taylor probably the smartest thief in the joint has just been freed. A few weeks later we see Taylor as a Paramedic and along with his new partner they respond to an emergency call at an off-track betting office, as they enter the building all hell lets loose as two armed robbers, one male and one female, (Daryl Hannah) burst in and demand the nights take. An off-duty cop shoots the female in the shoulder and the male robber escapes. The place is sealed and Taylor rushes the girl off to hospital followed by FBI agent Cornell (Val Kilmer), as he tries to board the ambulance they push him off and speed off into the night. What is going down here? The $2 million dollars taken from the betting office just happens to be strapped under the stretcher.
Problem one the money is FBI marked * Problem two Cornell is a bent FBI agent and wants his money back and he will not let anyone or anything stand in his way When it comes to loyalty "Everybody has a price". This star-studded cast takes you on a journey of deceit, kidnapping, and unbelievable action. Release Date: 10 July 2006


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also available instore at woolworths for this price...

Certainly was a box office smash.

I can't find any info on this at [url]www.imdb.com[/url] ?
Was this movie any good?


Thanks BristolDeal after seeing the reviews I think I'll give it a miss.
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