Hard Cash (In-store) @ Woolies - £1

Hard Cash (In-store) @ Woolies - £1

Found 17th Jan 2007
Currently in the Woolworths sale for £1

Does not appear to be avaliable online

May not be much good but surely worth a pound and you should get your money back if you sell it on once you have watched it


Thomas Taylor (Christian Slater) is finally out on parole. He returns to his girlfriend and daughter and gets a "legit" job at a betting parlor... or so it seems. When the parlor gets held up by a band of masked robbers, Taylor turns out not to be just an innocent bystander, but the ringleader. Then to further complicate matters, while in the process of negotiating the laundering of the stolen money, someone pulls a con and the money disappears! Now his life and those of the ones he loves are at stake as the cops and the guys who are looking for their cut close in on his trail. Taylor must figure out what happened to the missing millions, as well as figure out who in his ring of criminal associates has double crossed him...including a corrupt FBI agent (Val Kilmer).

High-speed chases, heavy duty danger, great gunplay and a superstar cast, make this cool caper a hot one to watch.



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Worth about the quid mark but you'll PROBABLY watch it through to the end!
(Don't expect to get a quid back selling it though)


this is also £1 in somerfield too
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