Hard Drive Transfer Kit (Xbox 360) £14.99 @ Amazon
Hard Drive Transfer Kit (Xbox 360) £14.99 @ Amazon

Hard Drive Transfer Kit (Xbox 360) £14.99 @ Amazon

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Easily transfer all your data from the original Xbox 360 hard drive to the next. Compatible with Xbox 360 and Xbox 360 S* consoles, the Hard Drive Transfer Cable allows you to keep your saved data and game on.

*Transfer Cable can not be used to transfer data from one Xbox 360 S hard drive to another Xbox 360 S hard drive.

- The Xbox 360 Hard Drive Transfer Cable is designed to transfer data from Xbox 360 hard drives to other Xbox 360 hard drives and/or Xbox 360 S hard drives.
- This cable can be used multiple times.
- This cable will not transfer data between Xbox 360 S hard drives


Hi, these are free from Microsoft when you upgrade consoles. I got one when I upgraded to an Elite from an Arcade. You just print out an online form, enter your serial numbers from both consoles and that's it.

I really don't think these things are as necessary these days, as you can uses a 16GB USB to back up your saves and any important stuff. The rest you can just re-download.

They arnt free anymore, and useful if you dont have a 16gb usb drive.

You can get a 16GB USB stick for about this much though. And that will be useful for all sorts of things.

Can you use an iPod or other mp3 player instead of a USB stick?


lol there good for modding these days

Way too expensive!. I got mine from DealExtreme for just over £4 delivered.
I use it all the time to quickly dump files from my 360 hard drive to a laptop.

Not sure if this will be JUST 360 slims sold at game but......
UK retailer GAME has answered the question being posed by many gamers regarding the new Xbox 360 slim: How do I transfer my saves and DLC to it?
The answer is simple, the system will come with a Data Transfer kit in the box, so no one has to get in contact with Microsoft before being able to transfer their saves across to their shiny new 360.
It does however pose another problem, namely how can those gamers who want to trade thier original Xbox 360′s in for money off the new one be able to transfer thier data? Well the latest firmware update for the system adds in the ability to use 16GB USB memory sticks to store data, so you will have to use one of those to transfer your data off the current 360 then put it into the new one to copy it, so not too much of a headache.

MS still give them out for free if you know how to word a letter properly, I know as I got one the other month after an initial refusal :thumbsup:
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