Hard Fi - In Operation (Special Edition CD and bonus DVD) £2.99 + Free Delivery/Quidco @ HMV

Hard Fi - In Operation (Special Edition CD and bonus DVD) £2.99 + Free Delivery/Quidco @ HMV

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Filmed at London Astoria during their sold-out tour last year, 'In Operation' is the first live DVD from 2005's champions, Hard-Fi, who went from strength to strength throughout the year, having Top Twenty hit singles, a Number 1 album and gaining a few award nominations in the process. Including the 13 tracks from their debut album 'Stars Of CCTV', plus their live favourite cover of The White Stripes' 'Seven Nation Army', 'In Operation' also comes backed with an exclusive additional CD entitled 'CCTVersions', featuring dub versions of 'Stars Of CCTV' tracks produced by a host of guests, including Roots Manuva.

disc 1
1. Middle Eastern Holiday [live at the Astoria]
2. Gotta Reason [live at the Astoria]
3. Unnecessary Trouble [live at the Astoria]
4. Better Do Better [live at the Astoria]
5. Tied Up Too Tight [live at the Astoria]
6. Feltham Is Singing Out [live at the Astoria]
7. You And Me [live at the Astoria]
8. Seven Nation Army [live at the Astoria]
9. Cash Machine [live at the Astoria]
10. Hard To Beat [live at the Astoria]
11. Move On Now [live at the Astoria]
12. Stars Of CCTV [live at the Astoria]
13. Living For The Weekend [live at the Astoria]
14. Stars Of CCTV [electronic press kit]
15. Cash Machine [video version 1]
16. Cash Machine [video version 2]
17. Cash Machine [making of the video]
18. Tied Up Too Tight [video]
19. Hard To Beat [video]
20. Hard To Beat [making of the video]
21. Living For The Weekend [video]
22. Living For The Weekend [making of the video]
23. Better Do Better [video]
24. Better Do Better [making of the video]
25. CCTV Archive [photo gallery]
26. In Operation [documentary]
disc 2
1. Cash Machine [Roots Manuva dub remix/CD]
2. Cash Convertor [dub machine/part 2 - CD]
3. Better Dub Better [Wolsey White dub/CD]
4. Middle Eastern Holiday [Wrongtom meets the Rockers East of Medina dub/CD]
5. Living For The Weekend [Wolsey White & Fred dub mix/CD]
6. Seven Nation Army [version/CD]
7. Dub Of CCTV [Wolsey White dub/CD]
8. Better Do Better [Wrongtom Wild inna 81 version/CD]
9. Dubbed Up Too Tight [CD]
10. Move On Dub [CD]


A good album and special edition aswel top deal


nice one! ordered

Good album although I just have the first general release version.

this isn't the normal album at all, it's actually a live dvd which has the promo videos as extras, and it has a bonus cd which is all dub remixes of the first album, a bit like how the clash did dub mixes of the magnificent seven and rock the casbah etc. personally i thought it was great, even though i don't normally like dub reggae

so if you have the first album and liked it, it's worth getting this. they are really great live
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