hardcloud,       snowboarding  Hoven Goggles Sequel £37.94

hardcloud, snowboarding Hoven Goggles Sequel £37.94

Found 25th Nov 2011
These Hoven Sequel goggles represent incredible value and look awesome to boot! Quality polyurethane frame, adjustable elastic straps with silicone grip, polycarbonate lens with Air Flow vents and you get a FREE spare lens for different conditions and light levels.
Name - The Hoven Sequel goggle
Frame - Black Gloss
Fit -Regular
Helmet Compatible - Yes
Lens - Regular Bronze Mirror + Spare Regular Pink Mirror
Ventilation - Airflow Vents
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Insane oakley can make a pair of near identical model of goggles for motocross for £15 and ski goggles cost so much
Hmm, seems they're rider backed |(as in sponsoring lots of kids here in the uk to creatre a buzz) ,blitzing shows with t-shirts etc, BUT that also means they're cheap, available in a few stores & therefore likely to be supported if you need some assistance, however that remains to be seen.

I'll reserve my judgement on these, but there is a lot of hype / hyperbole where these are concerned.
don't look special in a any given way, cheap yes, long lasting ???? ..at least they're not from those fly by night ski-sales that appear for a weekend in cities.

I'd look up the second hand values on ebay & lense availability (on it's own) compared to getting two lenses & a set of goggles every time.

these remind me of that other brand on a similar deal a few weeks ago, wouldnt surprise me if it's those re-branded
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