Hardcore Heaven (Mixed By Sy, Brisk & Kevin Energy) £3.99 @ Play.com
Hardcore Heaven (Mixed By Sy, Brisk & Kevin Energy)  £3.99 @ Play.com

Hardcore Heaven (Mixed By Sy, Brisk & Kevin Energy) £3.99 @ Play.com

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Disc 1

1. Makin' Me Wanna Dance (VIP Mix) (Asa) (Lou Lou) (S1)
2. Drifting Away (VIP Mix) (CLSM) (Stefan B)
3. Out Of Your Mind (Sy) (Unknown)
4. Bassline Of The Century (Scott Brown)
5. Dance With Me (Sy) (Unknown)
6. Raise Your Hands (DJ Robbo (Geos Crew))
7. Hold You Tight 2005 (Dan Rolla) (Gavin G) (J. Malone)
8. Make It Bounce (Sy) (Unknown)
9. Slammin' & Jammin' (DJ Seduction)
10. Put Ya Hands Up (Gammer) (Seduction)
11. Really Love You (Dougal & Gammer Remix) (Dougal Skeedale) (Mickey Skeedale)
12. Bad Boy Beats (Sy & Unknown Remix) (Dan Rolla) (Gavin G) (Himbo) (Mozz) (Sten)
13. Sounds Of The Underground (Sy) (Unknown)
14. Let It Go (Gammer)
15. Psycopath (Sy) (Unknown)
16. Open Your Eyes To Love (Sy & Unknown Remix) (Fracus) (Gavin G) (Lisa Abbott)
17. I Feel On Fire (Sy) (Unknown)
18. I Am (Chwhynny)

Disc 2

1. Intro (Various Artists)
2. Believe (Frisky) (Hujib)
3. Here I Am (Ham's 2005 Remix) (Demo Ham & Justin Time)
4. Hardcore Velocity (Ham)
5. Airhead (Brisk & V.A.G.A.B.O.N.D Remix) (Brisk)
6. The Time Has Come (Brisk) (V.A.G.A.B.O.N.D)
7. Crazy Love (V.A.G.A.B.O.N.D Remix) (Brisk) (Ham)
8. I'll Be Yours (Scott Brown)
9. Just Walk Away (DMO) (Scott Brown)
10. In Your Life (Brisk) (Ham)
11. Drunk With Love (Euphoria) (MC Casper)
12. Enter The Void (Euphoria)
13. Dopest DJ (Robbie Long) (Stormtrooper)
14. Dancefloor Innovators (V.A.G.A.B.O.N.D)
15. Neckbreaker (Nustyle Mix) (Scott Brown)
16. Punchdrunk (Brisk) (V.A.G.A.B.O.N.D)
17. Dancefloor Tremor (Dreadhead)

Disc 3

1. Fly With The Beat (K Complex Hardcore Mix) (K Complex) (Yoshi)
2. Booty Calls (DJ Phosphor)
3. Promises (Dancelords)
4. Crescendo's Of Ecstasy (K Complex Remix) (Kevin Energy)
5. Shelter Me (Expression)
6. Born Hardcore (Joey Riot)
7. Chemical Love (Sharkey And Kevin Energy Remix) (Darren Styles) (Futureworld) (Mark Breeze)
8. Speak Your Mind (Lost Soul)
9. Hardcore Thrust (Spiffeh)
10. Trance Overload (Asa) (S1)
11. Planet Of Dreams (Kevin Energy And AMS Remix) (Concept) (Tazz)
12. Freestyle (AMS) (Stormtrooper)
13. Too Strong (Lost Soul)
14. Epic (Ephexis)
15. Lumi (Alek Szahala)
16. The White Stuff (AMS) (Kevin Energy)
17. Hell Bound (Tazz Remix) (DJ Phosphor) (DJ S4)
18. Y Not (CLSM Remix) (DJ Fury) (Helix)
19. 27 Hits (A.C Slater)
20. Make Me Real (Nomic) (Pain On Creation)
21. Hard Bass (AMS)
22. Power Of Darkness (Robbie Long) (Stormtrooper)
23. Hypnotising Terravising (Tazz And Shanty Remix) (Kevin Energy)

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