Harding Double bed*WITH MATTRESS*HEADBOARD*DRAWERS AND 1.5% QUIDCO....£99 @ Argos !!!!

Harding Double bed*WITH MATTRESS*HEADBOARD*DRAWERS AND 1.5% QUIDCO....£99 @ Argos !!!!

Found 8th Apr 2009
as above, thought it was great, i was conned through the freemans bed, found this...and now well happy : )

good luck getting yours...lets just hope it isnt a misprint!
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looks a great price
Looks very good, shame i dont need one !
seems like a good deal, paid £ 100.00 just for a mattress a year ago..hot for me!
why were you conned by freemans?
they put the wrong price, then said i couldnt have it lol xx
i ordered one too, have not been told i cant have it yet.
+ 10.00 gift voucher if you spend take your spend over £100.00, otherwise £5.00.
Good price
Looks cheap as chips, but bargain if you are looking for one with mattress I suppose..

It is the standard price for it..

Current selling price valid until 24/07/2009
seems cheap for a bed mattress and headboard..
ordered one. says not available for 21days.
looks good but have no money left in my account now as freemans and asdas have taken the money for the mispriced beds which they arent gonna honour pain in the butt
Looks like a bargin some mattrasses cost £100 nice photo mod who was I supposed to vote hot for again lol
Hot deal, thanx for posting
Seems too good to be true. Most bed cost more than that, let alone with a mattress and a draw.

Hot until proven otherwise!
shame its not kingsize or have a option for that
regarding the freemans deal, i thought several people confirmed the price over the phone
Been waiting to buy a bed for a while now. This is the cheapest bed+mattress anywhere. :thumbsup:
I'll wait till I hear what the quality is actually like! You usually get what you pay for with mattresses.
This must be a misprice surely as you won't get a double mattress for that sort of price never mind the full package ... nice find and cracking deal if it comes off though - might give it a go.

Anybody know any filler items to take it over the 100 for the voucher??
cracking price.... surely it can't be right for £99!
Just bought one and after payment it stated, this has been put on order but an email will confirm your order process. which i have yet to recieve. Still waiting.:thumbsup:
showing 99.00 on page but when i go to checkout comes out over £305 ?
£405 actuall what s going on ?
£105.79 here
I remember when i bought a big wooden double bed from Argos I spent 4 hours putting it together drawers as well ,last line in the instuctions was "now leave for 8 hours for glue to harden ":w00t: plus it is that big and heavy if i ever moved house,i would have to leave it in the bedroom because it is too big to move:?
105.79 (del inc) deducted from my bank account
105.79 here
Scorcher. Just ordered mine thank you op!!!
thats strange, as i am checking it now and i just placed my order 10minutes ago and its still showing £99.99...:thinking:
This transaction was placed on Wednesday 8th April 2009. It has been charged to your card but if we cannot accept your order for any reason, we will provide a full refund to your card if we have debited your account in advance. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- Cat No Product Name Qty Price 667/2803 Harding Chocolate Double Bedstead with Comfort Ma 1 £99.99 ttress. 981/0064 1 £5.80 Subtotal £105.79
whats the cat no.??
sorry looks like i had 5 on order , now £105 , ORDER CONFIRMED
Yeah same here free delivery voucher doesn't work for some reason but thought I would chance it for the sake of a couple more quid .... let's sit tight (or have a lie down) and see if this deal turns up. Please nobody be on the phone to them enquiring if the price is right or not ...
What was original price please ?
ordered - if it works out great, if not, nothing ventured...
i have ordered the freemans one and not heard that i am not getting it
THANKS. Ordered - hope they honour this.
Chears op ordered zzzzzzzzzzz
surely this should be 999.99. do argos honour a misprice?
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